California Dispensary Labels - Strain Labels for Jars

Dispensary labels? Free printable strain labels? California dispensary Labels? CBD Labels? We have the information you need and the products you're looking for. Dragon Chewer is the leader in cannabis and marijuana labels at the most affordable wholesale bulk prices.

Custom CBD & cannabis compliance and warning labels are often expensive and confusing. We created a simple format for both generic and custom labels to fit your exact needs. 

1. Free printable strain labels - this is often searched for and asked about. This option is possible if you utilize a thermal label printer and have the resources to create the information needed by your local cannabis regulations. This is a very cost effective solution to making real time labels with your strain, company information, batch number, percentage information, etc. Below is some information on what is necessary for California. 

  • California dispensary label information - Click Here
  • California dispensary label information from CDPH - Click Here
  • California universal symbol CDPH - Click Here
  • California labeling checklist CDPH - Click Here

Once you have the information in place you just need to purchase an affordable thermal printer like the DYMO 450 (Click Here). Add some labels - Click here. The issue with the free printable strain label option - it's not making your brand stand out. We advise using a thermal printer for batch information, but this should be the first step on your journey to custom labels and branding. We also created our own generic thermal label that incorporates a lot for a very low price. Click here to shop. Click here to shop our Colorado universal symbol version. 

Free Printable strain labels by Dragon Chewer. Custom thermal dispensary strain labels for jars.

To professionally brand your compliant packaging container you need an additional label or marking. The thermal label should be a small label you add to each individual container. This allows you to make the label specific to the batch, contents, etc. We advise adding another label that can be produced in large batches that properly represents your brand identity and helps you stand out in a saturated market of cannabis products on the dispensary shelf or menu. Here is a post from the die line showing some of the best cannabis packaging brands - Click here.

2. Custom dispensary labels - they are worth the extra cost. Custom labels allow you to let your brand expression flow, connect with your consumers and create a brand identity and culture. The biggest brands in the industry like Cookies did just that. They created a strong brand identity and culture behind the brand, which has helped them grow exponentially in a saturated market. The key to custom labels is quantity. That is why we started the article with focusing on affordable ways to get the compliance information for each specific container on with thermal labels. When you step into custom labels, you want to order in quantities of at least 2,500 pcs. This dramatically lowers the cost of custom labels. 

Below is an example of a clean brand identity created with labels by Marley Natural. Click here to read the Leafly article. 

Marley Natural - Custom California Strain Labels Dragon Chewer

Custom labels is a big step for a lot of companies. We are here to help you take the dive. If you're already doing custom labels, we can help you get the lowest prices and the best quality. Click here to browse our custom packaging options. We also offer the containers and application. We can elevate your brand to the highest levels on the market for an affordable wholesale price. Contact us today at to get started on your specific project! 

Dragon Chewer - Custom California Pre Roll Dispensary Labels

3. Dispensary Labels - If you're looking for fast and cheap dispensary label solutions, we have that as well. Our huge catalog of tamper evident, universal symbol, strain specific and generic labels will cover all your needs. We have labels specific to each state with compliant warning information and unique attributes to fit concentrate containers, jars, pop tops, mylar bags and more. Click here to shop all of our pre printed dispensary labels. 

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