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Mylar bags bulk? Mylar bags wholesale? Custom mylar bags? Mylar bags with labels? Dragon Chewer has set the standard for mylar style dispensary bags with Caviar Locker barrier bags. Mylar bags are the backbone to smell proof cannabis packaging supplies. They hit all the marks for being a great packaging option. They are easy to store, come in a variety of sizes, are/can be child resistant and offer a lot of customization options. However, not all mylar bags are the same.

The best place to buy mylar bags - Custom mylar bags with labels by Dragon Chewer

We carry the Caviar Locker line of mylar style barrier bags at Dragon Chewer. Click here to shop our bags. Unlike a lot of the mylar bags on amazon, we pride ourselves on our thick material and strong zippers. If you're getting mylar bags for an extremely low price, expect them to be as thin as paper and for the zippers to break constantly. All of our bags are at least 4 MIL. Our 1 pound bags are over 5 MIL thick! We found the 4 MIL is comparable to 7 MIL in regards to durability and longevity. The 4 MIL always us to achieve a very competitive price and stay within regulations for child safety. Additionally, our bags are priced just as low as the poor quality bags. We have had a huge conversion of customers moving away from the 2 MIL or 3 MIL bags on Amazon to our bags due to the sheer amount of broken zippers and customer complaints they received. 

Mylar Bags by Dragon Chewer for pre roll packaging, gram bags, 3.5g bags and more! Custom mylar style bulk wholesale bags from Caviar Locker.

Our line of dispensary mylar bags comes in matte or gloss finish. Moreover, we offer a huge selection of colors - black, gold, holographic, white, silver and more coming! We also created a line of sizes to fit the exact needs of our customers. Need pre roll bags? We have them! Our sizes go from 1 gram bags all the way to 1 pound bags. Fun fact - our 1/8th ounce or 3.5g (gram) bags are the top seller. They are sold at below wholesale prices and you can buy in bulk. Click here to shop all our mylar style bags. 

We offer free and fast shipping on all orders over 150lbs. This is unique to our company. Use the top banner to watch your weight decrease until you unlock free shipping as you add products to your cart.

Mylar bags with labels - this is one of our products that is hard to pass up. We offer custom labels with our mylar dispensary bags and the lowest wholesale bulk prices. Click here to shop all of our mylar dispensary bags with labels. 

Mylar bags with labels - Dispensary bulk wholesale mylar bags with labels by Dragon Chewer

Custom mylar bags - looking for fully printed mylar bags? Designer dispensary printed mylar bags? We can help with both. Click here to shop of designer line of printed dispensary bags. 

Designer 3.5g 1/8th ounce mylar custom bags by Dragon Chewer. Bulk wholesale mylar bags.

Click here to shop our custom printed mylar bags. They are made in the USA and have a fast turnaround with low MOQ. This is the perfect solution for brands looking to elevate packaging above bags with labels. 

Custom child resistant mylar bags by Dragon Chewer

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