Hemp GT4 Grinder with Storage Container Jar by Dragon Chewer

Sometimes the most simplistic designs make for the best products. The Dragon Chewer GT4 Grinder made with hemp is one of those products. The GT4 is the forth iteration of the popular GrindTainer line. This child resistant storage container with grinder is thick, sturdy and made with natural hemp fibers that dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the container.

Hemp GT4 Grinder with Storage Container Jar by Dragon Chewer. Made in the USA.

It is just as strong as the pure plastic alternative. Additionally, it is more aesthetically pleasing with the hemp fibers weaving all over the product. Sustainability is a very real thing and we are doing what we can to take steps to help. This container has come a long way from our original 2009 designs right?

GrindTainer - Purple Storage Container with Grinder by Dragon Chewer.

GrindTainer Mini - Purple Storage Container with Grinder by Dragon Chewer.

As much as we still love the older GrindTainers, they just do not have the same feel and function as the GT4. We still have friends and customers that are using our older GrindTainers 5-7 years later and will probably never stop using them. It's amazing how well our sharp grinding teeth hold up against years of abuse. The new hemp GT4 Grinder with storage is no different! This new generation grinder is everything the original GrindTainer was and a whole lot more. We have a lot of confidence in this product. We have tried and reviewed all the metal, plastic and other grinders with storage containers around. Nothing hits all the marks for us. 

Sustainable cannabis marijuana grinder with storage container jar. The hemp GT4 by Dragon Chewer.

So lets get into the specs. Why are we so excited to get the new hemp GT4 in your hands? 

Our product listings does a good job of outlining it all for you:

  • ✅ NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN – The GT4 if the fourth generation GrindTainer! Our new design produces the best grind, has optimal storage space and is extremely easy to use. It was specifically designed to be a thicker product that is built to last. This is the on the go storage container with grinder you’re looking for.
  • ✅ THE PERFECT GRIND - If you are looking for a grinder that grinds easily and to an even perfect consistency, then your search is over! That's because our product has very sharp grinding teeth that are perfectly positioned to grind every type of herb, from the lightest herb to the densest one with a few easy twists. The fine herb this grinder produces will burn more efficiently and you will get the maximum result.
  • ✅ YOU WONT SPILL YOUR HERBS ! Our Grinder has a three-piece design that keeps all the grinding internal. It uses a tight smell proof seal and the teeth remain inside the locked storage area. It is the perfect carry size and features a child resistant locking mechanism.
  • ✅ BUILT TO LAST - Our large storage grinder is a well-built grinder crafted with fine hemp fibers that are eco friendly and produce a rigid long lasting container. The high quality material makes the chambers open smoothly and easily, the teeth will always stay sharp and are easy to clean. What it means for you - this grinder will last you for many years and always produce a sharp grind! MADE IN THE USA.
  • ✅ SUSTAINABLE CONTAINER – The Hemp GT4 is made with hemp fibers to reduce the carbon footprint of this product. The Hemp fibers are extremely strong and make the container even more rigid! Do your part and use a more eco friendly storage container and grinder!

The Dragon Chewer GT4 is the ultimate herb storage container with grinder combo. This large herb grinder holds 3.5g of coffee, herbs or spices. It features a sturdy hemp fiber construction, ultra sharp grinding teeth and is made in the USA! This environmentally friendly hemp fiber material reduces the carbon footprint of this product and strengthens the product. Your search for the best grinder storage container is over. The GT4 uses a child resistant locking mechanism, is extremely easy to use and the best travel storage container with grinder combo available!

[Natural Hemp] - The natural hemp is ground down into very small fibers to produce this product. The hemp makes this container far more sustainable compared to the pure plastic options available. Utilizing hemp dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of the cart card. Hemp is naturally biodegradable and creates a much stronger container due to the nature of the fiber.

We guarantee a great grind or we will refund your order.

Interested in distribution or wholesale? We have a solution for you! This product is also available in a display case perfect for your smoke shop or retail store. Contact us now via sales@dragonchewer.com to learn more.

Dragon Chewer Hemp GT4 Grinder with Storage Container Jar - Display Case

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