Wholesale Perforated Shrink Bands - Now Available

We are happy to announce we now have the best wholesale perforated shrink bands available for pre roll tubes, pop top containers, glass jars, dropper bottles and more! These sleeves are the extra layer of protection you need for all of your compliant child resistant CR dispensary packaging solutions. Shrink bands or sleeves are the cannabis industry standard for tamper evident packaging. Want to start shopping our line? Please click here

So why are shrink bands so great? Why do we have the best shrink bands around? Shrink bands are a very cost effective solution to make your dispensary packaging tamper evident. Additionally, they add a new presentation to your consumer. The seal shows the product truly has never been tampered with since it was originally processed. Lastly, they add an even stronger seal to the original packaging container or bottle, which ensures the contents stay fresh longer and locks in smells. So now to the reason why our shrink bands are the best - we added a dual perforation that makes removing the shrink band a breeze. Skip the keys attacking your shrink band sleeve or biting it with frustration. The perforated holes are a necessary component often overlooked from sleeves. Finally, the last reason our sleeves are the best - they are the lowest bulk wholesale prices available! 

Seriously, we sell our shrink band sleeves in quantities of 1,000 pcs. Moreover, we nicely wrap each 200 pcs in rubber bands to make production streamlined. All of the shrink bands come in a nice poly bag to ensure they are clean and ready to package upon arrival. 

Tamper evident shrink bands or sleeves are an easy add to all your dispensary packaging. For smaller quantities we recommend using a heat gun. You can purchase them on amazon for a very low cost. Please click here to shop some options on Amazon. You really do not need the most expensive option, they will all work great for this simple task. If you're a processor or large brand and want to increase output, we recommend a heat tunnel. They are quite a bit more expensive, but they dramatically increase production time. Please click here to shop some options on Amazon. 

Ready for some tips and tricks to make sure your shrink bands or sleeves are properly done? The biggest mistake our customers make is not leaving enough of the band above the container when heat sealing it. You want a decent amount of the plastic sleeve to stick above the lid or cap of the container. This ensures it seals around the top and cannot be removed. Additionally, it is also very helpful to a load shrink bands or sleeves form the bottom of the container. Most cannabis dispensary packaging containers, tubes and jars have a taper. The bottom is often smaller compared to the top, so you can load them quicker. The last little trick - when you're pulling the sleeve over the lid or cap, try to position it so it does not get stuck on protruding parts. You may have to rotate the sleeve to quickly get it over the top of the container or vial. 

Pop Top containers are usually the top product that uses tamper evident shrink bands or sleeves. This is also true for plastic pop top pre roll tubes. The 116mm, 98mm and 92mm pre roll tubes are the top product for tamper evident shrink bands or sleeves from our customers. 

Below are some quick links to our top shrink band or sleeves that we have available:

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