Custom Dispensary Designer Mylar Bag Labels - California & Generic

Ready to try out the best quality pre printed mylar bag labels or stickers? We are extremely happy at Dragon Chewer to have this new collection of dispensary designer labels. Our designer dispensary mylar bag labels come in California (Cali Caviar) or 50 state generic (generic). They are perfectly designed for our line of wholesale mylar bags and available for all the most popular sizes. Additionally, these labels are stunning. Seriously - they feature gold foil, high quality overlay finish and are extremely professional. Skip the generic 3x1s on Amazon and get a label that will give your brand the attention it deserves. If you're going the 3 X 1 route, check out our options. We added some extra designs and have the highest quality USA printed 3X1 dispensary labels available. 

So what is on the mylar bag dispensary labels? We have two options. First, the California option has the CA universal THC symbol. This symbol is compliant size and design. Additionally, we added safety/warning regulation verbiage that is designed for California dispensaries, brands and processors. We added gold foil symbols, a matte finish and leaf overlay to make this label shine on the dispensary shelf. Because this label is pre printed, we left space for strain type (check box style), large box to write strain name and finally a smaller box for the net weight. This label or stickers covers it all. The Generic style is very similar. The only big differences is the compliant text is slightly different and it does not have a universal symbol. We did this so you can add one of our universal symbols that is specific to your state. Click here to shop our wholesale THC universal symbols for multiple states. Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Washington, Main, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan? We have labels for all these states. Pro tip - we add new universal symbols regularly, so make sure to add yourself to our email newsletter. Also, if you have a request for a universal symbol please send it to us at

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We are confident we have the best wholesale pre printed designer mylar dispensary bag labels or stickers. Our bulk wholesale prices are available at a very low MOQ. Additionally, we offer free and fast shipping on these premium dispensary mylar barrier bag labels. The designers on these labels are fire. We have enough sizes (6) to cover your entire line of flower, edibles or concentrates. The dispensary labels are just the first step. Add our wholesale dispensary smell proof bags to understand why this is the best combination. Our bags are very high quality, come in multiple sizes, heat sealable, single use child resistant and at the lowest wholesale bulk prices. Just like the labels or stickers, we offer free and fast shipping on our mylar style barrier bags. 

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Our collection allows you to pick your bag size, bag color and generic or California style label. This section makes it easy for you to locate the exact look and size you need for your products. Ready to start shopping our options? Please click the links below to shop our bags + labels options by size.

Looking to now fully customize the labels to be specific to your brand? We can do that as well! We have listings for fully custom dispensary mylar bags labels for all of the above bag sizes. Please click here to view all of our options.