The Best Erig Accessories - Puffco Peak & Carta

Attachments are just the first step. Wireless charging for the Puffco Peak and Carta Focus V are what make your e-rig the best setup around. We are now offering custom stands and wireless charging units for both items. 

NeverDead puffco peak wireless charging base stand attachment

Have you ever broke an expensive glass attachment? We have an insurance plan that comes in the shape of a high quality stand. The Puffco Peak and Carta Focus V are both very easy to drop or knock over. The NeverDead stand attachments and wireless charging units are designed to keep you from breaking your glass and also ensuring your erig battery is always charged and ready to go!

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We have a stand or base that simply slides on to the bottom of the device. We also have a stand or base that has a receiver that allows the unit to be a wireless charger base. Additionally, add our base station that has space for your entire dab setup to charge while it sits firmly on a solid surface.

Here is the base or stand that is a sturdy way to hold your rig:

Puffco Peak Carta V Focus base stand NeverDead

This unit is called the gravity. It's a very affordable way to keep you from destroying your high quality glass attachments.

Also, here is the volt option. This base has a built-in receiver for wireless charging on the station:

wireless charging base or stand for puffco peak carta v focus NeverDead

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