Wholesale Dispensary Glass Storage Jars or Containers with Lids cannabis marijuana cbd hemp

Looking for wholesale 2oz, 3oz, or 4oz glass dispensary packaging jars or containers? We have them! Our premium glass dispensary jars always come with the cap or lid at no extra charge. Additionally, we also have 5ml and 6ml glass concentrate containers! Our luxury glass jars also have a liner or seal that produce smell proof properties and keep the product from sticking to the cap or lid. Whether you're looking for the best 1 gram, 8th or eighth ounce glass jar or any other size, we have the solution you're looking for! Want to start browsing this collection? Please use the links below:

Looking to customize your glass dispensary container or jar? Our glass is exactly what you need. We use premium thick straight or flat walled glass. Moreover, we do not add any film to the glass. This creates the correct surface for custom print or custom labels. 

We can produce custom labels or stickers for all of our glass jars or containers. Our premium dispensary labels are available at the lowest wholesale bulk prices with a low MOQ! Ready to start customizing your glass jars? Send us an email sales@dragonchewer.com with your requirements. We will find a compliant dispensary custom packaging solution to fit your exact needs. 

premium 5ml 5 ml glass concentrate container packaging jar dispensary

Glass dispensary packaging is a far more sustainable packaging option compared to the majority of the other options available. Glass provides a high end experience and gains the right attention on the dispensary shelf. You have top shelf product, so make sure to use our wholesale glass top shelf packaging. Premium glass jars matched with custom labels is the top packaging solution for cannabis, CBD or marijuana. 

Want to package your pre rolls in glass as well? We have a huge selection of child resistant glass pre roll tubes or holders. Additionally, we also offer a cork style or wood cap! Our glass pre roll tubes come in five sizes. You can package cartridges all the way to king size blunts or joints with our premium glass pre roll tubes for the most affordable wholesale bulk pricing. Add some custom labels and application to your order and skip all the hassle. We can product fully custom ready to be packaged glass tubes delivered to your door! Click here to shop our glass tubes. Click here to shop our custom labels.

king size glass dispensary wholesale bulk pre roll tubes holders

Stay tuned - we are constantly adding more to our glass line. Dragon Chewer is focused on new novel sustainable dispensary packaging solutions to elevate our industry. Functional packaging is a top priority, so we have a lot more coming shortly!