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Looking for the best compliant Montana and New Mexico cannabis labels at the lowest wholesale prices? We have them! Dragon Chewer is not offering Montana and New Mexico compliant dispensary stickers featuring proper size, colors and language for the universal symbols. Want to browse these new labels? Please click the links below:

We also have a huge collection of generic tamper evident labels, strain labels and more. Please click here to shop all of our pre printed labels. Dragon Chewer is not only the leader in high quality professional premium labels, we also offer a massive collection of certified child resistant "CR" containers, jars, bags and tubes. 

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Our comprehensive collection of premium cannabis or marijuana packaging containers, jars, tubes and bags is unmatched. We have been servicing dispensaries, processors, brands, grows, and smoke shops for over 10 years. Our below wholesale prices on the best dispensary packaging solutions is why we are still one of the top packaging companies in the industry. 

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Are you looking for free printable labels for Montana or New Mexico? We can guide you to the resources to do it yourself. Please see the links below:

We always try to provide our customers with all the options. Our account managers are here to guide you to the best solution for your packaging. Printing labels yourself is often more expensive compared to purchasing our bulk dispensary labels. Our high quality pre printed labels are made in the USA using some of the best print presses available! Our adhesive is strong and the colors are bright. 

Ready to elevate your brand with custom labels? We have the ability to create custom labels for all of our packaging products. Our custom labels are built for the package and provide a premium luxury feel to all of our containers, jars, pop tops, tubes and glass containers. We even can custom print labels for dispensary bags! Custom labels allow you to fully immerse the container or bag in your brand identity. Customize the label with your logo, artwork, legal text, regulation text, universal symbols, contact information and more. The sky is the limit with customization when it comes to labels or stickers. Ready to learn more? Please click here to view our custom label page or contact us with what you're looking for. We will provide you with all the answers, templates and pricing to elevate your brand and packaging!