Wholesale 90 Dram Pop Top Bottles - The best marijuana packaging?

90 Dram Pop Top Bottle

The 90 Dram Pop Top bottle has become one of the most sought after marijuana packaging solution for a half ounce of flower. Additionally, it has been a great option for certified cannabis edible packaging.

We believe the 90 Dram Pop Top Bottle has quite a few positives for the products being stored inside.

  • Size:
    • The 90 Dram Pop Top bottle has an inside diameter of ~2.9"x3.2". It has a wide mouth with and is quite shallow compared to the 60 Dram Pop Top bottles. This makes it easy to access flower without smashing trichomes and generally has a much better overall appearance. The user experience with the size has been noted as one of the key benefits to the canister. Not only is it preferred for flower, it's one of the few child resistant containers that has the size needed for edibles. Gummies and small treats often utilize the 90 Dram Pop top bottles as the preferred method marijuana packaging solution.
  • Locking Mechanism:
    • As always - The Pop Top mechanism is one of the simplest most affordable solutions to meeting CPSC child resistance requirements. The Pop Top mechanism is tried and true. Almost all of current consumers know how to use the locking mechanism and it has one other major benefit. Cost. The single piece design allows this product to be manufactured at a very low cost.
  • Rigid Plastic Packaging:
    • The 90 Dram Pop Top container is a rigid plastic marijuana packaging solution. Rigid containers are crucial to distribution and retail companies. Ensuring the product inside does not get smashed is a huge importance for both brands and customers. Also, in regards to child safety, it's hard to compare a rigid plastic container with a barrier bag or paper box. The rigid plastic is much more difficult to cut or tear. Paper and bag options are not even close to being as difficult currently. When you compare the 90 Dram Pop Top to the glass alternatives, the price is often what moves people quickly away from glass.
  • Seal:
    • Not all Pop Tops are the same. The biggest contributor to this is the seal. You should always hear a "pop" when you open the container. Our Pop Tops are manufactured at a much higher standard compared to most. A few things to look out for cheap or uncertified pop tops:
      • Very flimsy. If you can press the sides in without any effort the material is probably very cheap or the container is very thin.
      • Easy to open. If the Pop Top mechanism more or less will open by pressing it against something else it's likely not certified. Moreover, it will probably not seal at all. This will dry out your flower at a very fast rate and can introduce mold or other negative things.
      • Water test. This is the key to finding out how good the seal is. Fill the Pop Top container with water and see how long it takes to seep out. Cheap Pop Tops will poor out water. Trust me. I have tried it and it's insane. We did this test over and over on our Rip N Shred container to ensure our seal was the best in the industry.
  •  Price:
    • Price is and probably will always be the biggest advantage to Pop Tops. Due the simplistic design, material usage and time available - the price is very low. Nothing really even comes close expect for pharmacy vials right now. Availability is another key factor. Pop Top bottles are available from quite a lot of distributors, so you know your packaging is always available. We have a full line of Pop Top bottles available. If you would like to shop our line of 6,13,19,30,60,90 Dram Pop Top bottles got to our website dragonchewer.com.
  • Customization: 
    • Pop Tops remain one of the most affordable items to brand. The smooth sides are perfect for label application. It's also not very difficult to directly print on the sides of the container, just has a higher cost. Another key custom option is creating your own color. During 2018 a surge of specific pantone color based pop tops for brands started to emerge. It seems to have died down, but this is a great way to differentiate and create custom marijuana packaging.

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