The Best Pre Roll Packaging?

The Best Pre Roll Packaging?

Pre Roll Packaging for marijuana is often overlooked. It has some of the biggest brands and volumes in retail marijuana & hemp sales. Pre Roll packaging is still growing with no stopping in sight. This has made the landscape quite saturated, so making your brand stand out with superior packaging is essential. The most popular affordable marijuana pre roll packaging options are plastic tubes and mylar bags.

Pre Roll Smell Proof Mylar or Barrier Bags? Glass or Plastic Joint Tubes?

The Pop Top plastic blunt/joint tube reigns supreme. It's a rigid child resistant container with a very low cost. Glass Pre Roll tubes have started to really take off, but the price is often a big obstacle for brands. Tubes work great for labeling and hit all the child resistant criteria, so they make for a good custom pre roll packaging solution. Barrier bags for pre roll packaging are even more cost effective, have some child resistant properties (depending on your states regulations) and are easy to label or print.

The negative is they are usually not child resistant once they are open (unless they have a unique mechanism). Also, some prefer tubes because of the rigid aspect. It's easy to smash or bend a pre roll that is just in a bag. These options are great if you're selling one pre roll. So what happens when you're selling a pack of pre rolls? Wouldn't it be a better design to sell an 1/8th (4-5 pre rolls) in a single container? A single pre roll is often not enough for a consumer when they visit a dispensary once or twice a week.

CR Pre Roll Slider Boxes

We introduced the Press N Pull line to provide a solution for multi-pack child resistant pre roll packaging. Prior to us releasing this product nothing else was really around like it. This product was unique in some many ways. It was certified child resistant, has ample room for custom labels and we are even directly printing on the Press N Pull CR box. Even that was not enough for some customers, so we added the option to custom engrave the mold and custom colors with a higher MOQ. Depending on what you're trying to achieve we have the pre roll packaging solution for you. Want to see how custom you can make our press n pull pre roll slider box? Click here to see what Autumn Brands has done with it!

Also, stay tuned for our lowest wholesale prices on pre roll plastic tube packaging. We will be dropping the lowest prices on tubes you have ever seen! Interested in trying our packaging? Send us an email