The Best Marijuana & Cannabis Pre Roll Packaging Supplies?

The Best Marijuana Pre Roll Packaging

Our whole team at Dragon Chewer was constantly asked, “what is the best marijuana pre roll packaging?” from customers. We often offered up our glass and plastic Joint Tubes and customers instantly responded with, “no one offers a CR multi-pack for pre roll packaging”?

Our response – Honestly, No.

We realized something had to be done. Blister packs and mylar pre roll packaging were options, but none of them proved to be resealable CR and did not provide the branding/capabilities most of our customers were looking for. We began a multi-month process on creating the most simplistic, yet unique, cannabis packaging solution to meet all of our customer requests.

The original Press N’ Pull designs were put down on paper and we began the process of making a new tool for this product idea.

The Press N Pull by High Lock hits all the important aspects of marijuana pre roll packaging. The container is child resistant, customizable, has ample space for branding and comes at an affordable packaging price. Creating the first pre roll packaging box that was rigid and certified was a huge undertaking.

Pre roll packaging before the Press N Pull was all adopted from other industries and was never directly created for marijuana packaging. Most of the “solutions” did not fit the products placed inside correctly, were not child safe or were not designed for custom applications.

Once we released the original Press N’ Pull – The 85 Slim – we began working on the next version of our Press N’ Pull custom pre roll packaging. The goal was to offer a full line of pre roll joint and cone packaging that would fit all the popular rolling paper options available. We shortly released the next Press N’ Pull – The 98. This container was slightly longer and still utilized the same child resistant mechanism.

These two production variations gave us much deeper insight into child resistant pre roll packaging as customers used them and gave us feedback. Very often we have clients come to us asking for glass pre roll packaging, cardboard pre roll packaging and pre roll blister packaging that we instantly covert to our Press N’ Pull pre roll box once we explain what this packaging product has to offer.

Marijuana packaging requirements are constantly changing, but we have learned a few important aspects that have remained true since inception. Child resistant certifications, CR resealable containers and large warning label text are here to stay. When you start to break down the cost of glass tubes with labels, inside a cardboard box, inside a point of sale box - your packaging price starts to really creep into your profit.

The High Lock Press N Pull is one of the most affordable wholesale pre roll packaging solutions for multi-packs available. We have seen a surge in 1/8th or 4-6 joints/cones per SKU for a lot of brands. When you amortize the cost of packaging over the 4-6 joints compared to a single unit, you really start to see the savings. Because the Press N’ Pull container is a large flat surface and we offer custom colors and engraving directly on the container, the only additional cost is often 1-2 labels. Again, due to the large flat surface labels and easy to apply surface, this has become one of most affordable wholesale pre roll marijuana packaging solutions.

After months of development we have just released our new Press N’ Pull variation – The 109. This container exceeds all current CR regulations and is ISO certified. After watching the market in Canada we wanted to ensure our Press N’ Pull would meet all future pre roll joint packaging in Canada, for CBD and Hemp. The 109 by High Lock features a new, but very similar, child locking mechanism. This change was created due to customers giving us feedback on our previous models. Our goal has and always will be to offer the best marijuana packaging solutions to our customers; feedback is crucial for us to help. The 109 is 109mm, which makes it our largest Press N’ Pull. Additionally, due to the change in the child resistant mechanism, we have even more space for custom branding options!

The Press N Pull is also not just a pre roll packaging solution. We have brands using the Press N’ Pull for vaporizer cartridge packaging and small edible packaging. This versatile container is trusted by some of the biggest marijuana brands. Interested in learning more? Contact us anytime or shop our Press N’ Pull line by clicking here.