The Best Empty Vape Cartridge?

The Best Empty Vape Cartridge?

If you landed here you're probably on the hunt for a new wholesale vape cartridge solution. The best empty vape cartridge is always a topic we get asked. Vaporizer cartridges are constantly changing and are a hard product to navigate. Quality, prices, brands, styles? So many variables to try to comprehend prior to purchase! Lucky for you we have been entrenched in the industry for 10 years and have a lot of helpful information to make your decision a lot easier. This article will breakdown important factors that make a cartridge good or bad. Additionally, we will try to help you focus on what type of cartridge you need for your specific application. The vaporizer industry is saturated with poor quality products and misleading information. Our goal is to provide information for you to make an informed decision on your next purchase.

So what makes a good or bad cartridge?

A lot of this answer depends on the application. We are focused on THC oil right now, so we will discuss that in depth, but also add in some more details for CBD oil and just general knowledge on components vs application.

  1. HEAVY METALS - The biggest concern right now is heavy metals. This should be the first step in reviewing cartridge options. If you cannot obtain a COA (certificate of analysis), just move on. Cartridges generally utilize a wick or ceramic coil to heat and vaporizer the oil. Moreover, they use glass, plastic, ceramic, and metal components to hold the cartridge together. To save cost on components a lot of manufactures were using cheaper alloys that could leak into the oil, thus inhaling and vaporizing heavy metals into your lungs. We have seen a lot of these cartridges at local smoke shops for extremely low prices. They generally are not branded and have no link to a company to be held accountable for the extremely poor quality.
  2. QUALITY COMPONENTS - This goes hand-in-hand with the above answer, but needs to be expanded on. Leak rate is very important and that has a lot to do with the components used to construct the product. Low quality components such as, cheap seals and poor tolerances is a no go. Considering the value of the oil that is used, having 1 in 5 that leak will make you regret saving a cents per cartridge. High leak rate and just overall cartridge failure generally occur together. If the components are poor you will often get a lot of cartridges that just do not function at all.
  3. COMPOSABILITY - This is often an afterthought for a lot of people, so I want to bring it up early. Most of the time if you're selling cartridges you want to make sure the customer can use a variety of vape pens. Most consumers already have one or two and would rather not buy another to just try your cartridge. I would recommend always using 510 thread cartridges unless you have a customer made cartridge and battery (at that point you're big enough to not need advice). 510 threads are pretty much the industry standard right now. Vape pens for this style cartridge are affordable and abundant.

What is the right cartridge for my oil?

This is often the hardest question to answer. Short answer - get samples. If you're looking to do a big run of anything, ask your vendor for a couple samples. Most 510 vape oil cartridges vary for oil viscosity. For example - you're not going to use the same cartridge for CBD and THC oil (most of the time). CBD oil is generally much thinner. THC oil is thicker. It starts to get even more confusing when you start cutting them with other oils to thin, adding terps, etc. The cartridges have different oil inlet sizes / air intake sizes to take into consideration the viscosity. Once you start getting your extraction process dialed in you can usually buy the same style over and over if you keep the parameters the same. It's all about just getting the match right the first time. Oil density matched with the right correct inlet holes = the best empty vape cartridge for your oil.

How do I find the best 510 empty vape pen cartridges?

Based off the knowledge we presented above, you should have a good idea now! However, we are going to add in some industry experience to help you really find the right solution. Most cartridges are made overseas. Not all, but most of the ones you see on the market today. Due to the bad press about heavy metals, this statement usually scares people. This brings us back to reputation and brand identity. Branded cartridges will occasionally suck, but most want to stick around and do everything they can to ensure the product is good quality. A great example is the brand CCELL. They have been around for a long time and offer some of the best cartridges on the market, but you will pay a premium. We are now offering Caviar Tech wholesale vape cartridges, which we personally have tested and have had great reviews on. If you're purchasing from overseas be careful on reorders. We have had multiple customers place an order overseas (got a good rate) and had great results.... the first time. The second order comes in and they leak and have massive issues. This is the bait and switch we see time and time again. Please just be careful and always look for COA or a brand name.

Ceramic coil? Why is it important?

At this point - ceramic coils reign supreme. They are a clean heating element (again with the right material construction!) and are great for a lot of oil use cases. Wicks were first on the scene and basically went away overnight once ceramic coils came to market. Ceramic coils produce better hits, cleaner taste and revolutionized the vaporizer industry. Without getting too technical, they are just better. Marijuana and cannabis oil tanks should always use a ceramic coil heating element when possible.

So a quick recap - Always look for COA, try to use brand name cartridges and ceramic coils are a must. As always, if you have questions we are here to help