5ML Concentrate Container with Silicone Insert - Wholesale Packaging Supplies

The 5ML or 5G concentrate container with silicone is the most affordable wholesale packaging solution for concentrates. 5ML glass containers are great, but they come at a very high price. 5ML pure plastic containers do not suite the needs of the contents inside. This unique solution is a high quality ultra clear polystyrene container with a silicone insert. The silicone insert is the non stick solution the contents should be in. 

5ML Concentrate container with silicone. 5ML concentrate jars with labels by Dragon Chewer

The 5ML polystyrene container often referred to as an acrylic container is a cosmetic style jar. Adding the silicone insert brings a whole new life into this plastic pot style container! 5ML pure silicone containers are also very expensive and do not show off the product inside. This unique design allows for the contents to be visible through the crystal clear cap, but keeps them from sticking with the silicone insert. 

5ML bulk wholesale dispensary concentrate container with silicone insert by dragon chewer. Clear silicone.

Ready to view or purchase this product? Click here for the white silicone insert. Click here for the clear silicone insert. 

We now have this product available with a clear or white silicone insert. Do not sleep on this simple 5ml concentrate jar. This specific concentrate storage container has a vast range of use cases and can be a great custom dab container. Looking to add labels with your concentrate jars? Click here to shop our large collection of dispensary labels. 

Why a 5ML and not a 7ML? 7ML concentrate jars are very large. The 5ML has a large amount of space inside the silicone insert for your contents. If you're unsure of what size container you need, please feel free to contact us at sales@dragonchewer.com. Dragon Chewer offers free & fast shipping on orders over 150lbs! We can supply you with samples of this product and other products to find exactly what you need for your next cannabis packaging purchase. Do not hesitate to reach out.

We are your source for compliant dispensary packaging. Cannabis and marijuana packaging at the lowest bulk wholesale prices. 

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