Custom Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Packaging - CR Slider Box

Custom Child Resistant Cartridge Box

Custom child resistant CR vape cartridge packaging is often overlooked by oil brands. Our CR slider box is an affordable wholesale child resistant packaging solution that will make your brand stand apart from the competition. The THC and CBD vaporizer cartridge market is saturated and it's important your packaging makes you stand out! The best custom CR vape cartridges generally have very professional packaging and can achieve a higher price in the market. Additionally, regulated markets require a lot of real estate for compliant labeling and the container needs to adhere to the CPSC standards for child safety. Our solution is certified child resistant and has all the room you need for labeling. Interested in trying a sample? Email us

Why not just use custom boxes or tubes?

We get this a lot. Custom boxes look great and some are child resistant, but they are usually not. This opens your business up to legal issues for not utilizing compliant child resistant packaging. Moreover, the boxes that do have child resistant mechanisms are rarely certified. Our custom box is certified child resistant and offers a very elegant solution that is easy to brand and customize. Tubes - they are great if you're on a budget, but a lot of the above is true for tubes. Tubes put you back into the same category of "same" that is all over the market. When your tube is on a dispensary shelf... how is it going to stand out next to professional packaging to the right and left? These are important questions you need to evaluate prior to proceeding with your next packaging solution.

Our Solution - The 109MM Press N Pull Slider Box

The 109MM Press N Pull is the perfect base for your vape cartridge packaging. Our customers have added foam in the past, but we now have an all-in-one solution now. The foam cutouts are made for .5ml / 1ml 510 CCELL style vape cartridges.

Looking for sustainable options for vape cartridge packaging?

We strive to offer more eco-friendly options for cannabis and marijuana packaging. Our Cart Card is child resistant and available in 100% recyclable plastic! Yep, we add organic hemp materials to reduce the carbon footprint of this child resistant CR packaging vape packaging container. This product is already gaining a lot of traction and we plan to expand on the line in the near future. We are now offering an option with no window (for markets that have opacity laws). Please inquire about this option Our company is working hard on biodegradable options for cannabis and marijuana packaging.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us.