Sustainable Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Solutions

NOW AVAILABLE - HIGHLOCK accelerated biodegradable marijuana and cannabis child resistant packaging containers and vials. Sustainable eco-friendly cannabis packaging solutions are far and few between. It's even more rare to find child resistant packaging solutions that are sustainable. HIGHLOCK has a new sustainable packaging line - TerraPaq - that uses unique materials on products manufactured right here in California. These unique materials dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of cannabis packaging. 

The first product we have available at Dragon Chewer using one of these new materials is the Rip N Shred. This product now uses an EcoPure enzyme (ASTM D551 tested) in the material that enhances biodegradation. This small step forward is part of a much larger plan to transition all of the HIGHLOCK products to organic enzymes, material fillers and unique materials that reduce the carbon foot print. Plans to use other more sustainable biodegradable materials are in the works. We are extremely grateful to be able to offer these novel packaging products by HIGHLOCK

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As most of our customers already know, HIGHLOCK introduced the Cart Card that uses a hemp filler to reduce the plastic material in this child resistant container. As the line from HIGHLOCK increases, we will see more hemp fillers mixed with accelerated biodegradable enzymes across the packaging line. This combination of hemp fillers and enzymes is one of the most exciting sustainable child resistant packaging pushes we have seen. This reduces the concern of high price increases in packaging, but always paves the way for a more sustainable future. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter. We will be releasing new product updates often in coming weeks. You will soon be able to transition your entire packaging line to a more sustainable eco-friendly option! Also, please look for the "Sustainable" tag on product images in our store. We will update each product as the new line is available for that item. 

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*DISCLAIMER - Regulation in California - currently prohibits the sale of plastic products and packaging that are labeled with terms ‘biodegradable’,’degradable,’ or ‘decomposable’ or any form of these terms. The law also prohibits its language that implies in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all of california, including sales over the internet. Our verbiage is for all states excluding California. Please contact us at if you’re a California customer and want to learn more.