Premium Wholesale Pre Roll Packaging Supplies - Pinch N Flip CR Box

Another BRAND NEW child resistant "CR" pre roll packaging box is now available!

Premium pre roll containers have been a laser focus for our company. Most current paper solutions or tubes do not meet the rigid child resistant standards needed for cannabis and marijuana packaging. Additionally, a lot of them are not aesthetically pleasing and only could hold one pre roll. We set out to change the landscape and offer multi-pack pre roll premium packaging containers and boxes. This is the newest product by High Lock! So lets get straight to it.

Our new packaging product is the Pinch N Flip box. This container can hold up to 10 pre rolls (1 1/4" cones). The rectangle interior is versatile for multiple pre roll configurations. Additionally, this product doubles as edible container. It's great for mints, gummies and much more! Our unique locking mechanism is two press tabs on each side of the container that pops open the hinged top. The design is similar to a cig or cigarette box. This item is made right here in the USA. We can offer custom colors and fast delivery! Also, feel free to drop us an email with any questions

Custom pre roll packaging?

This is the custom premium pre roll packaging box you're looking for. As we already said above, custom colors are available. Additionally, the flat surfaces (round edges) make label application a breeze. This is a professional affordable child resistant multi-pack pre roll packaging box that was designed specifically for cannabis and marijuana. The label real estate is ample, so you can add testing results, legal/compliant text and your brands logo.

We have samples waiting for you. Just send us an email with your shipping address

This product is currently in CPSC/ISO testing. We are confident the CR mechanism will pass, but feel free to email us for updates. Additionally, the product page will be updated one the testing is finished. Want to learn more about CPSC testing? Click here.

New to our offerings? We are also the creator the Press N Pull child resistant "CR" slider box. This is another cannabis / marijuana pre roll packaging container that has all the features of the Pinch N Flip box. We strongly believe in having multiple CR options for your brand.  We have multiple sizes to fit your exact needs.