Dispensary Labels - Wholesale Cannabis and Marijuana Strain Stickers

Our comprehensive line of Dragon Chewer custom wholesale dispensary strain labels is unmatched. We have THC labels for California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington. Our portfolio of labels and stickers is always expanding. Have a request? Drop us an email sales@dragonchewer.com. We also have a full line of generic labels that feature strain tamper evident labels, concentrate container labels and more. 

We introduced a new easy category design and map our our website to locate your state specific labels with ease. Simply click here and select your state. All of our label options for your state will be available! 

All of our cannabis and marijuana specific labels were designed with regulation in mind. We use the state size requirements, universal symbols and verbiage to create professional wholesale labels for your brand or company. 

We now have thermal labels for Colorado:

Colorado Thermal Cannabis Labels

This label fits perfectly on our child Resistant Press N Pull.

We also were the first to push a DYMO specific label. This allows you to affordable create custom labels with very little infrastructure on almost all packaging supplies. Vials, bottles, containers and bags! Click here to view this product.

Also, please do not skip out on our line of dispensary labels with tamper evident design. Our Oklahoma OMMA tamper evident cannabis / marijuana label is a great of example. This label covers the regulation needs and also ensures the packaging product is tamper evident. Click here to view this product. Below it is being used on the Rip N Shred bottle and Press N Pull CR box. 

Oklahoma OMMA Tamper Evident Labels

Interested in custom cannabis or marijuana dispensary labels? Contact us sales@dragonchewer.com. Also, checkout our custom designer dispensary labels. They are a very professional solution for cannabis and marijuana mylar bags

Custom Designer Dispensary Labels