Pre Roll Packaging Labels

High Quality Wholesale Pre Roll Packaging Labels

Pre roll packaging is one of the most competitive categorizes in the industry. Pre rolls come with a lower price tag and sell quickly, so it is important to save as much margin as you can. However, it is important to make sure your pre roll package has the professional premium luxury feel without the high packaging price tag. We have created the most affordable wholesale solution for your pre roll packaging to do just that. Elevate your pre roll packaging supplies at a very low bulk wholesale price. 

The best pre roll packaging is simple. It needs to be child resistant or CR, customized to represent your brand and also be affordable. Pre roll packaging on Amazon will probably not be what you're looking for. You need a pre roll packaging solution that is customized. 

Solution 1 - The best pre roll packaging labels

Plastic joint pre roll packaging tubes are the standard for pre roll packaging supplies. Pre roll packaging tubes come in multiple sizes, are CR or child resistant and available at low wholesale rates. We carry the most popular size pre roll joint packaging tubes 92mm and 116mm (or 109mm). These cover the majority of products in this category. Once you have picked up the best tube color and size, next up is adding the premium label. Click here to view our metallic backing or click here to view our white backing custom pre roll packaging labels. 

Pre Roll Packaging Custom Tube Labels

The steps are simple in this process to make a pre roll packaging label solution that is superior. 

  • Add the correct size and color tubes to your cart (make sure the quantity matches how many custom pre roll packaging labels you need)
  • Add the custom labels to your cart¬†
  • Checkout!

After that you can contact us or we will contact you with the correct template or die line to place your artwork. We will also confirm the label finish. Once you send back the finished template, we will send you a proof and begin production. YEP it is that easy! That is why our customers are so happy with our pre roll packaging label solutions. What else can we do to make it even simpler?

We are now able to apply your custom labels directly to your plastic pre roll joint tubes. When you match our bulk wholesale pre roll packaging tubes with our custom labels and label application, you will see the savings start adding up. What really separates our custom labels apart from the rest is our quick turnaround. After you approve the proof, we typically get the labels produced in 14 days or less! Our application times are also extremely fast as well. 

Solution 2 - The best pre roll packaging box 

We are proud to have a line of unique pre roll packaging boxes made to be customized. Blank pre roll boxes are a thing of the past. Our line of pre roll joint boxes come in a huge selection of sizes and colors. First, we have the Pinch N Flip line of custom child resistant CR dispensary pre roll packaging boxes. Second, we have the Press N Pull slider boxes that are one of the best pre roll packaging supplies around. 

Pre Roll Packaging Slider Box Labels

These are the pre rolled joint boxes you're looking for. The Press N Pull and Pinch N Flip pre roll joint boxes are made in the USA with an additive to increase the biodegradation of the container. Want to learn more about these unique premium luxury pre roll packaging solutions? Click the links below:

The best pre roll packaging is highly customized, available at bulk wholesale prices and child resistant or CR. Our selection of pre roll packaging options is unmatched. Want to learn more? Send us an email now and an account manager will help guide you to the perfect solutions.