Hemp pre roll cones bulk wholesale

The Best Pre Roll Cones Bulk!

Shopping for the best pre roll cones? Pre roll cones near me? Skip the hassle. We have a massive selection of pre roll papers and cones available at the lowest wholesale prices. Moreover, we offer free and fast shipping on eligible orders! Save the gas money and time. Our catalog of bulk wholesale pre roll paper cones or tubes is unmatched. 

What makes our pre roll cones the best? First, we have very low wholesale prices. Second, our pre-rolled cones are all FSC Certified and made under FDA standards for food grade paper. Lastly, you can purchase your pre roll packaging container or tube, paper cones and custom labels all in on spot! This saves you on shipping and also time searching for each item from other stores. 

Multiple sizes and finishes

Our pre roll cones are available in the following sizes and styles:

      • 109mm (refined white, brown and hemp)
      • 98mm (refined white, brown and hemp)
      • 84mm (refined white, brown and hemp)

We also have color specific tips such as green, purple and red! Our pre roll cones or papers are made for standard pre roll filling or packaging machines as well. Need to give some a try? Just shoot us an email with any questions or if you need samples sales@dragonchewer.com

Our papers produce a smooth and even burn. They are comparable to raw pre rolled cones at a fraction of the cost. 

Shop with confidence at Dragon Chewer. Our reputation is important to us, so we only supply the highest quality products. We are here to help. If you have any questions, please email us sales@dragonchewer.com and an account manager will guide you to the perfect solution.