Custom Mylar Bag Labels Wholesale

How to customize mylar bags has been a repeated question to our inbox for months. We are here to solve that! 

Custom mylar bags are an affordable solution to customize your packaging and elevate your brand identity. We have seen far too many cheap mylar bag stickers, so we wanted to offer our high quality custom wholesale mylar bag labels to all of our customers. We have made our own pre printed custom mylar bag labels and have had great customer reviews. This pushed us to offer this same solution to all of our valued customers. So what makes our mylar bag labels the best? We offer a very low MOQ (starting at just 1,000 pcs), have templates that fit perfectly for our bulk wholesale mylar style bags and our print quality is unmatched.

What are the steps to make custom stickers for mylar bags?

  • Step 1 - Checkout with one of our simple listings. Click here to shop.
  • Step 2 - We will send you the template to design on
  • Step 3 - Send us your artwork on the template (.ai file). Please include information about finish (matte or gloss) and any additional details (example logo = metallic).
  • Step 4 - We will send you back the press proof. Once you send us back an email approving it, we begin production! 

It is that easy! Skip all the headache. Our entire process can be done via our website and email. This fast and easy solution makes your custom packaging a breeze. 

Our pricing is very transparent. What you see online is what you pay. No extra fees added later on! We have price breaks at 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000 pcs online. If you're interested in higher quantities, please contact us. 

Our bag options are metallic or white backing. Metallic backing allows a single color to shine through, which helps capture potential customers eyes on the dispensary shelf. This option is a little more expensive, but it really makes a huge difference on making your packaging solution very unique. The second option is our white backing, which is what the majority of labels use. We can print all the colors and designs on white backing. It is more affordable and simpler for artwork creation, compared to metallic backing. If you're interested in us applying the labels to your bags, please contact us. Additionally, most orders of custom mylar labels comes on perforated paper (sticker sheet). If you need your labels on a roll, please let us know. We are here to help you make the right decision for your customization needs, so please feel free to contact us at

All of our labels are purpose built for our mylar style smell proof barrier bags. We have the following sizes of mylar style bags available:

  • Syringe mylar style bags
  • Pre Roll mylar style bags
  • 1 gram mylar style bags
  • 1/8th ounce or 3.5g mylar style bags
  • 1/4th ounce mylar style bags
  • 1/2 ounce mylar style bags
  • 1 ounce mylar style bags

Our bulk wholesale mylar style smell proof baggies are available in a huge selection of colors, not just sizes. Need small dispensary custom mylar bag? Need large dispensary custom mylar bags? We have them! Add our bags and custom labels to enjoy our bulk prices bundled. Click here to view all of our bulk wholesale mylar style barrier baggies. 

What else are you searching for? Custom mylar bags near me? Custom mylar bag printing machine? How to make stickers for mylar bags? Let us give you the reasons why you should rethink this. Our fast turnaround of 14 days or less (after print proof is approved) is extremely fast. Even local custom mylar bag label printers cannot offer this. If they can do it quickly, you're most likely sacrificing quality prints or paying a high price. 

A lot of customers have asked us about custom mylar bag labels printers. It is possible. However, the initial investment for small runs of labels (1,000 or less) will take a very long time to pay off the equipment. Moreover, the learning curve, monthly software expenses and material costs will make you realize we are cheaper even if you do it yourself! If you're a large company doing 10,000 plus labels, our prices are still competitive even if you have all the equipment.

Not interested in custom labels? We also have custom direct print mylar bags available, but they are more expensive. This is great for large orders, but it is not nearly as cost effective as custom labels. Click here to shop our custom printed child resistant bag options.