Liquid Fluid Ovals Syrup Rx Pharmacy Vials containers bottles child resistant CR

Wholesale Bulk Fluid Oval Liquid Child Resistant Containers 

We are happy to release our entire line of compliant CR child resistant fluid oval Rx pharmacy style containers or vials. These unique bottles come in a huge selection of sizes at the lowest wholesale rates. Each container has a CR or child resistant compliant cap. The cap has simple markings with "push down and turn" instructions on how to open the container or vial.

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Liquid Fluid Ovals Syrup Rx child resistant CR wholesale bulk

Furthermore, the fluid oval liquid child resistant containers have simple measurement instructions shown on the side. As you can see in the photo below, our amber fluid oval liquid containers nicely display the markings. These high quality containers also have a seal or liner inside the lid that ensures the liquid stays inside the container. Our bulk wholesale fluid ovals come individually wrapped and are ready to be customized to your exact needs. Elevate your packaging by adding custom labels to these premium containers.

Wholesale bulk pharmacy style rx fluid oval amber syrup containers bottles vials

All of our sizes are shown in ounces and ML to make shopping a breeze. We have fluid ovals as small as 30ml and as big as 480ml. Our huge selection of small and big fluid ovals ensures we will have the exact size you need to fit your packaging use case. These are the best child resistant fluid containers or bottles available. They are tried and true and meet child resistant or "child proof" requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us at today. 

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