dragon chewer glass tincture dropper bottle vial 30ml 30 ml 15ml 15 ml clear amber dispensary packaging solution custom labels

We have happy to announce we are now offering the highest quality wholesale glass tincture dropper bottles with CR child resistant caps. Our glass tincture dropper bottles come in both 15ml & 30ml. Additionally, we have two color options, crystal clear and amber. 

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dragon chewer wholesale child resistant 30ml 30 ml clear glass tincture bottle bulk custom labels

These two sizes and colors are the most popular tincture dropper packaging vials or containers. The amber color is designed for long term storage of liquids. The amber color reduces UV decay, which keeps the product fresh longer. These glass child resistant tincture dropper bottles use thick strong glass. 

What else makes these dropper bottles special? They are available at a cheap wholesale bulk rate with a low MOQ. Additionally, unlike most glass tincture vials or bottles, we have markings for correct dosage. This is extremely important for correct use and label instructions. 

dragon chewer 15ml 15 ml amber child resistant CR compliant glass tincture bottle dropper container vial bulk custom

The glass tube attached to the cap has markings in ml and show .25ml, .5ml, .75ml and 1ml. Due to the perfect straight wall flat glass sides, these are perfect for customization and branding. Add custom labels for your brands usage instructions, legal text, logo and branding! We offer custom labels and application in-house. Our superior dispensary packaging solutions allow you to get the finished packaging product ready to fill. This reduces costs, overhead and improves your output. 

We are here to help with your perfect custom dispensary packaging solution. Contact us now sales@dragonchewer.com to speak with an account manager.