HIGHLOCK 1 Ounce Pop Top Bottle - 160 Dram

The HIGHLOCK 160 Dram Pop Top Bottle is a massive wide mouth container perfect for 1 ounce of contents. This unique container is child resistant and available at the lowest wholesale bulk price. Want to purchase our black 160 Dram Pop Top Bottles? Please click here! If not, please keep reading to learn more about our unique wide mouth Pop Top Bottles. 

Why is a 1 ounce child resistant container necessary? After watching recreational markets grow and mature, we have noticed customers want to purchase more product per dispensary visit (typically older customers). Right now rigid containers that are child resistant are far and few between that can hold contents of this size. Colorado set the standard with one ounce maximum per customer per visit. Please click here to learn more about Colorado limits. If you would like to learn about the legal limits for your area, please click here.

HIGHLOCK 1 ounce pop top bottle. Bulk black child resistant large wide mouth pop top vial container dispensary packaging

The 160 Dram Pop Top Bottle by HIGHLOCK is perfect for 1 ounce of flower or large edibles. It also doubles as an exit container due to the large size. You can pack in multiple products that are not child proof and ensure they stay safe in a rigid container. This premium dispensary container is perfect for branding and customization. It has smooth sides with a limited taper, which is the perfect surface for custom labels. Additionally, it is available in all the colors necessary to ensure it fits your brand identity. 

Our 90 Dram Pop Top bottle has been a top seller for the past few years. It is used for half 1/2 ounce of contents, edibles and is a great exit packaging solution. We have had an enormous amount of requests for a larger container, so the 160 Dram Pop Top bottle was made! So how big is the 160 Dram Pop Top Bottle? The outer diameter is 5.1" in height and 3.4" in width, so you can image how an ounce can fit inside without damaging the product. 

HIGHLOCK 1 ounce pop top bottle. Black child resistant large wide mouth pop top vial container from dragon chewer

Interested in customizing this Pop Top Bottle for your brand? We can help! Custom labels are available at the lowest bulk wholesale prices. Our turnaround time is fast! We offer a metallic BOP backing with a matte or gloss finish. The label quality is unmatched. Not enough? We also in-house label application. You will get our 160 Dram Pop Top Bottle completely ready to be packaged and sold, which will save you time and money. 

HIGHLOCK added simple markings to the bottom of the container to show it holds up to one ounce. Additionally, this product is 100% recyclable, so please recycle. Due to the large size it can be reused for many other applications beyond child resistant packaging. The tight seal on the HIGHLOCK Pop Top Bottles is great for long-term storage and ensures the product inside lasts longer. Moreover, once you're done storing contents inside use it as a pot for planting, pen storage or whatever you can come up with. We sincerely hope you give this packaging product the second life it deserves. 

160 Dram one ounce pop top bottles. Wholesale large big pop top containers by dragon chewer

Interested in shopping the whole line of 160 Dram Pop Top Bottles? Please click here to view out whole catalog of 160 Dram Pop Top Bottles. We also carry 6 dram, 13 dram, 25 dram, 30 dram, 60 dram and 90 dram Pop Top Bottles. Click here to shop all of our Pop Top Bottles. We have every size Pop Top Bottle you will ever need to package your products at the lowest wholesale bulk prices. Need help? Please feel free to email us at sales@dragonchewer.com with any questions you may have.