98MM Press N Pull Slider Box - Custom Labels

Another new label set is available! Our custom 98 MM Press N Pull Slider Boxes are perfect for pre rolls, edibles and more. You can now purchase the slider boxes, custom labels and label applicator all from us. Save time and money by bundling this all up and receiving a finished packaging container ready to fill! 

Want to shop our new custom 98MM Press N Pull slider box Labels? Please click here

Want to shop the 98MM Press N Pull slider boxes? Please click here

We are offering the best wholesale custom high quality dispensary labels for all of compliant child resistant packaging products. Why are we the best? What makes our custom label offering different?

Dragon Chewer 98 mm press n pull custom slider box labels

Lead Times

Our lead times are unmatched. We produce most custom label orders within 7-14 business days, regardless of the quantity! Our process is simple and easy for our customers. We provide you with the custom label template and you simply add your art! Once you send the file back to us we send you a print proof. As soon as you approve it we start production! Most custom labels orders domestically exceed 2-3 weeks. If you're sourcing your labels overseas, we are seeing lead times exceed 60-90 days on average. We understand the importance of quick turnaround, so that is a major focus for our company. 


Not all labels are made the same! We offer the two most popular label options in the industry (Silver "metallic" BOP and white BOP) label backing. Our print presses are massive and designed for producing high quality prints every time. Additionally, we ensure the adhesive is product specific. This is often overlooked for dispensary packaging products. Having the proper adhesive reduces wrinkles, bubbles and ensure the label does not slide on the container. Another factor we focused heavily on is proper fitment. Our labels line up perfectly, are designed to be auto-applied by machinery and flow correctly with the container. The attention to detail with this improvement ensures your brand maintains the high quality look it deserves. These quality factors are some of the main reasons our labels are better compared to most on the market.


Want to stand our on the dispensary shelf? YOU SHOULD! Most first time customers are purchasing items based on packaging. It is crucial for your packaging to stand out in the display and earn the attention it deserves. We offer two label backing options (white or metallic). The white backing products a nice simple finish. The metallic backing however allows one color to shine through with a metallic finish, which is a great way to gain a customers browsing eye. Moreover, we offer a matte or gloss finish (no additional cost). Simply note the finish you want on your order and we we will set you up. 

Dragon chewer press n pull slider box pre roll packaging custom labels gloss or matte finish


A lot of companies offer great prices for custom labels, but at 100k orders. We offer competitive low prices for custom labels starting at 1,000 pcs! Moreover, we can produce a low quantity or high quantity order in the same 7-14 business days. 

Wholesale Prices

Label prices often are not transparent. All of our prices are right on our website. click here to shop our new 98MM labels. You will quickly see why we are disrupting custom dispensary labels. Our wholesale custom labels are very affordable without sacrificing quality. What is even more unique about our product offering is we can bundle label applicator and the physical product all in one order. This saves you on time, shipping and gives you the finished product to your front door. 

Interested in learning more about our unique custom labels, pre roll packaging or want to get quote? Please email us now at sales@dragonchewer.com. We will quickly respond and help you find the solutions you're looking for!