109mm 116mm child resistant pre roll packaging box for 3.5g 1/8th ounce by Dragon Chewer

The Pinch N Flip is the solution for multi-packs of 109mm pre roll cones. This custom box holds 2 or 3 109mm pre rolled cones and can hold 3g of flower. Available at bulk wholesale prices and made in the USA! 116MM or 109MM pre roll joint / blunt tubes are great for a single pre roll, but what happens when you want to give your customer multiple pre rolls per order? The Pinch N Flip is the product you need. Our Child Resistant Pinch N Flip was made to fill this niche. The market has moved from 98mm doob tubes to 109mm cones. Moreover, it's far more cost effective in regard to packaging to offer 3 pre rolls instead of 1- .75g or 1g cone. The best pre roll packaging brands / designs are moving to multi-packs. Click here to learn more. 

Premium pre roll packaging made easy. The 116mm Pinch N Flip allows for custom labels and branding. It's the perfect bundle packaging box for your pre roll brand. We understand the margins on pre rolls, so we designed a case that would allow you to bundle your 109mm pre rolls to offer a new line and regain some margin on your sales. Want to talk to us about your goals or custom inquires? Send us an email sales@dragonchewer.com. Samples are available! Also, want to browse the listing or purchase the product? Please click here.

Custom pre roll packaging box or case 116mm 109mm. Child resistant pre roll wholesale bulk packaging by Dragon Chewer. Pinch N Flip joint CR case.

We took this product one step further and came to market using an additive that accelerated biodegradation. This is part of our TerraPaq material line we plan to implement for all of our USA made products, not just pre roll packaging. This makes the packaging more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Looking for more pre rolls per packaging box or case? We have the packaging solution for you. Our 84mm Pinch N Flip can hold up to 10 pre rolls! Click here to view this popular child resistant pre roll box. It's available in multiple color options and can be customized just like the 116mm Pinch N Flip.

Dragon Chewer child resistant pinch n flip 84mm pre roll packaging box. Multi pack pre roll packaging wholesale case or box supplies.

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Our custom portfolio of custom pre roll packaging cases and boxes is growing. Stay tuned to learn more about the next innovations in pre roll packaging. Sign up for our mailing list to get product updates and sale information. Contact us now sales@dragonchewer.com for any questions or general inquires.