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Download free printable strain labels template here!

We are asked over and over for these resources, so we put it all in one post for you. In this guide we provide free downloadable strain label templates and information on label requirements and compliance. We offer a huge selection of bulk wholesale compliant THC universal symbol labels and strain labels or stickers. Additionally, we do offer custom dispensary packaging labels for CR child resistant containers to elevate your brand. 

dragon chewer free downloadable strain cannabis cbd printable universal symbol label templates

Our top of best downloadable free printable strain label template is our DYMO or thermal generic labels. To purchase our pre-printed thermal generic labels, please click here.

This label is a great wholesale or cheap solution. The template is purpose built for the DYMO printer, which does not use ink. This is what typically costs the most over time, so this solution is optimal to keeping costs low.

 DYMO thermal free printable cannabis cbd label template by dragon chewer

If you would like to download the free file, please click here. Our free download file helps you place the strain name, strain type and weight correctly in the bounding box on our pre-printed labels.

Colorado MED Compliance Universal Symbol Labels - Free Download

Next up is our Colorado MED free printable universal symbol label download. These THC MED Colorado Universal symbols are also available by the roll at low wholesale prices on our store. Please click here to shop the collection. 

Colorado CO MED THC compliant compliance universal symbol free download strain labels

To download the retail or recreational Colorado MED universal symbol, please click here.

To download the medical Colorado CO MED universal symbol, please click here

Oklahoma OMMA Universal Symbol THC Labels - FREE DOWNLOAD

Oklahoma OMMA compliance or compliant universal symbol labels are available at the lowest wholesale prices. Please click here to shop our OMMA Oklahoma tamper evident, universal symbols, strain labels and more.  

Oklahoma Labels - THC OMMA Compliance compliant dispensary labels stickers

Please click here to download the free OMMA Oklahoma universal symbol compliance label information.  Also, please click here for the OMMA labeling and packaging requirements guide. 

California CA Dispensary Universal Symbol THC Labels - FREE DOWNLOAD

We offer a huge selection of wholesale bulk California compliance or compliant universal symbol THC label or sticker options. We have strain labels, tamper evident labels, cartridge labels, clear backing universal symbols and more. Please click here to browse our catalog. 

California not fake dispensary labels CA compliant compliance wholesale bulk Free printable strain labels universal symbol guide

Ready for the free printable California CA dispensary universal symbol strain label downloads? Please click here to download the universal symbol directly from the website. Also, if you're looking for the packaging guide, please click here

Is the label you're looking for missing? We can help! Our account managers can supply you with the compliant or compliance labels or sticker templates you're looking for. Our wholesale bulk catalog of compliance labels also probably has what you're looking for. Please click here to shop all of our labels. 

Looking for custom dispensary labels? Well you have come to the right place. We have custom templates that fit all the popular compliant child resistant CR packaging solutions. We offer custom labels for mylar bags, pop top containers, reversible cap vials, concentrate containers, pre roll boxes, pre roll tubes and much more! Click here to shop our custom packaging section of our website. 

Still have questions or cannot find what you're looking for? Please contact us at Our account managers will guide you to the perfect compliant packaging solution for your dispensary packaging needs.