custom pop top containers bottles dispensary labels by dragon chewer

Now available - Wholesale Custom Dispensary labels for our child resistant CR pop top containers or bottles. 

Elevate your dispensary packaging with our custom labels or stickers made specifically for pop top containers. Our custom dispensary pop top container labels are made specifically for each size. We have the largest collection of sizes on the best pop top bottles around.

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Our sizes for Pop Top style containers:

Pop top bottles or containers have become the industry standard for "child proof" or what is the preferred term child resistant. Our labels are available with fast turnaround and high quality print. The starting MOQ of 1,000 pcs is very small and we offer wholesale price breaks up to 100,000 pcs. Moreover, we offer a gloss or matte finish. We even have the option of a metallic color to make your pop top containers "pop" on the dispensary shelf. Pop top containers or bottles use the "squeeze top" style CR function to open the container. Moreover, they are available in a huge color selection as well.

The process to create custom pop top container dispensary labels is a breeze. We will help you with each step during the process. Simply checkout on our listings (Click Here) and read the instructions in the description. Once the process starts we will guide you to the finish line. We understand custom labels can often be a big undertaking, so we are here to help. 

What makes our labels different? They are designed specially for our containers. This ensures you get a great label fit and makes application a much better process. We are also offering in-house label or sticker application at low wholesale rates. We highly advise to use our label application option. This dramatically reduces the cost of the packaging solution for you in the long run. Paying an employee to hand label often leads to high costs and leaves a lot of room for mistakes. 

If you have any questions about our custom pop top labels or want to speak to an account manager, please contact us at We will help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.