Best Vape Cartridge Packaging - Cart Lock Child Resistant Dragon Chewer Dispensary Box

Custom empty dispensary vape cartridge packaging for .5ml and 1ml ccell style vape cartridges? WE HAVE IT. The best wholesale bulk child resistant vape packaging and boxes is available at Dragon Chewer. The Cart Lock is a new popular solution to custom vape cartridge packaging. It's certified child resistant, has a large area for custom labels and branding and is available in a wide range of colors. This unique box or container holds a .5ml or 1ml 510 thread style vape cartridge snuggly in place with clips. The Cart Lock is part of the Press N Pull line by HIGHLOCK. The container uses a child resistant button function that slides the tray out, which provides for a great consumer experience. It really highlights the product inside and makes opening the case or box a memorable event.

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Custom dispensary vape cartridge packaging box. Empty 510 thread ccell style vape cart packaging box. The best child proof vape cartridge packaging box by Dragon Chewer.

Compliant child proof vape cartridge packaging that meets all the important aspects of a brand is hard to find. Clamshells and tubes have massive drawbacks. Clamshells are not resealable certified, which most regulated markets require. Vape tube packaging or vape cartridge storage tubes have no branding area and are rarely child resistant. The best brands in the vape industry are using boxes. Cannabis / THC vapes have more rigid requirements compared to CBD and other vape companies. Using a paper vape packaging box that is not CR will not meet child resistant requirements. 

The Cart Lock is a premium solution for vape cartridge boxes. We offer custom direct print, high quality USA made labels and pad printing for this product. Vape packaging design is very important to making your product stand out on the shelf. Our team is here to help! Interested in learning more or want to just talk to us about your project? Email us now at

We have vape cartridge packaging templates available for the Cart Lock child proof dispensary vape box. Our process makes custom vape cartridge packaging a simple, easy and affordable process. 

Coming soon to the Cart Lock line is a new material additive that makes this product far more sustainable. The TerraPaq material uses an additive that enhances the biodegradation of the plastic, which makes it more eco-friendly. 

Another Child Reistant vape cartridge product that has really taken off in the CBD and THC market is the Cart Card. The hemp version is now a staple for dispensary cart packaging. It uses a unique hemp filler that reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging product. Hemp plastics are becoming a big push for the packaging industry. Click here to learn more. 

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the best vape cartridge packaging. Child proof child resistant vape cartridge box or tube. Cart Card by dragon chewer.

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