Press N Pull CR Box Container - The 109 - White & Green. 109mm (200 qty.)


Sale price$180.95


CPSC Certified child resistant pre-roll slider boxes! Perfect for pre-rolls, concentrates, cartridges and edibles. 

The all new certified child resistant King Press N’ Pull Box from Dragon Chewer is the first of it’s kind. The Press N’ Pull is the CR pre roll slider box solution for concentrate, edible, pre roll and cartridge packaging. Additionally, it is a CPSC/ISO certified product. The Press N’ Pull Box will hold envelopes of shatter, pre-rolled joints, king size pre rolls, flower, kief, vaporizer cartridges, edibles and any other items you would like to secure in a child resistant package. The top of the container has a smooth flat area made for custom printing, labels, and other branding solutions.

The Press N' Pull is a multi-purpose child resistant container that was purpose built for branding. The design is perfect for labels, direct print, shrink wraps, custom engraving and much more. We can offer you all of these custom branding solutions at the lowest wholesale rates. Marijuana packaging design has been our mission for the past 10 years and we pride ourselves on making your brand unique and compliant. No pre roll certified child resistant slider box even comes close to our manufacture direct pricing. Save time and money buy purchasing direct from manufacture fully branded and ready to go!

The Press N' Pull is a resealable child resistant container. No need to use an Exit Bag! Save money and increase your branding with a unique packaging product actually made for our industry.

Sustainable biodegradable packaging is a top priority for our company and the entire cannabis packaging industry. Eco-friendly green packaging products are far too often not child resistant, which makes them unusable for marijuana packaging solutions. We set out to change all of this with our new enhanced biodegradable EcoPure® child resistant packaging line. EcoPure® material is now available for the Terrapaq HIGHLOCK line - Made in the USA - sustainable packaging products. Our new green material line is a huge push for sustainable packaging. EcoPure® provides enhanced biodegradation using an additive and is ASTM D-5511 certified.

Currently our CPSC certification covers all 50 states. Click here to learn more about the CPSC.

To open, simply press the insert and the side button "press". This will release the insert and it will push forward. 

109 116 mm Dragon Chewer Press N Pull CR Child Resistant pre roll packaging slider box premium compliant cannabis wholesale container multi pack

Product Specs:

  • Quantity: 200 containers per order
  • Opacity: Opaque
  • Color: White Shell & Green Tray
  • Size: 109mm
  • Brand: High Lock
  • MADE IN USA. 100% recyclable. Please recycle! 

Interested in custom labels, custom print or custom colors for the Press N Pull? Send us an email with your request.

*DISCLAIMER - Regulation in California - currently prohibits the sale of plastic products and packaging that are labeled with terms ‘biodegradable’,’degradable,’ or ‘decomposable’ or any form of these terms. The law also prohibits its language that implies in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all of california, including sales over the internet. Our verbiage is for all states excluding California. Please contact us at if you’re a California customer and want to learn more.

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