Shrink Bands - 19 Dram Pop Top Containers - Tamper Evident Perforated - (1,000 qty.)


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Shrink Bands are the perfect solution for adding an extra effective and safe way to meet strict dispensary packaging requirements for retail distribution of multiple products. Our premium plastic bands are perforated for the most professional presentation and are made to fit our squeeze top style 19 dram pop top dispensary containers. Packaged in wholesale bulk bundles of 1,000 each, these are the perfect solution for your pop top bottle packaging. What really makes these heat seal shrink bands the best? They come in bags of 1,000 pcs, but also individually wrapped in bundles of 200 pcs to ensure your production team can work efficiently. 

Shrink bands are an excellent way to ensure long term storage and make child resistant packaging tamper evident. The addition of a heat sealed shrink band locks in freshness, odors and smells. Ensure your packaging is fully compliant and smell proof with affordable wholesale bulk shrink bands! These shrink bands are great for 19 dram pop top bottles or bottles.

Product Specs:

  • Quantity: 1,000 pcs
  • Opacity - Translucent
  • Color - Clear
  • Size: 150x30mm or 5.9" x 1.18"

Easy to use directions:

1.) Slide a clear band over the top of the bottle, container or tube. Please leave extract space for the shrink band to seal over the top of the packaging lid or cap.

2.) Apply heat from a device such as a heat tool gun or heat tunnel machine.

3.) Allow bands to shrink after heat is applied, which usually takes a few seconds, depending on the heating device used.

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