Dragon Chewer was founded in 2009. Stemming from a family operated injection molding facility, two brothers created and patented the first storage container with a grinder called the GrindTainer. As cannabis enthusiasts with a background in injection molding, they wanted to craft novel solutions for the industry they cared deeply about. This all started with the original GrindTainer, which was the first ever patented storage container with grinder. 

The GrindTainer was responsible for introducing Dragon Chewer into the Cannabis ecosystem. Many grueling years of traveling for tradeshows, establishing sales channels and figuring out where exactly Dragon Chewer landed in the Cannabis space left Dragon Chewer wondering if a single product was enough to sustain a company with endless dreams and almost limitless potential. As it turned out, it wasn’t.

The spark never ceased to exist however. With some additional help and push, the brand Dragon Chewer started to get back into action in a much larger way. This time, with a laser eyed focus on CR Child Resistant Packaging. The industry received mandated regulations for child resistant, or as many call it "child proof" packaging. This really shifted the packaging needs of most of the top brands. They needed new packaging that would meet or exceed rigid child resistant standards put forth by the CPSC. So where did many people turn to out of sheer necessity? Pharmaceutical packaging. This did not sit well with Dragon Chewer. The last thing we had in mind was to associate ourselves and our industry with the likes of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Dragon Chewer found this frustrating. This is an industry that has unique products that should have specific packaging designed for the contents inside. Additionally, pharmaceutical packaging just does not produce the right vibe for such a revolutionary industry. This is when everything changed. 

Dragon Chewer began creating and patenting novel child resistant mechanisms that were truly cannabis specific. Each container was designed for the contents inside. Our products are built to with customization in mind and are affordable enough to be used as a packaging product. Many of our current products allow them to be upcycled as well. From a Pop Top style container with an integrated grinder to our new 5ml glass jar with a built in carb cap. If we can offer our packaging a life outside of simply containing a product, it helps to reduce waste by combining two products into one. We are also always on the lookout for more sustainable injection moldable materials.

Fast forward to 2022 - this is all happening and growing! Dragon Chewer is powering along as a top distributor for compliant cannabis packaging. Moreover, the new HIGHLOCK brand for the patented products is producing materials using hemp fiber, additives to enhance biodegradation and functional packaging is in almost every new container they design. 

Dragon Chewer and HIGHLOCK are both home grown from the legacy cannabis industry. We understand the needs of our brands and customers. We are not aligned with the big plastic manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies. Dragon Chewer is focused on making novel solutions for compliant cannabis packaging that will improve the world. The mission statement since 2009 has been promoting cannavenience for our customers. 

Want to learn more about us? Send us an email. sales@dragonchewer.com. We would love to get in touch with you.

Dragon Chewer Address / Location - 

4514 Runway Drive, Lancaster, CA 93536