Supercell Jar Child Resistant 5ML Glass Concentrate Container - (50 qty.)

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Glass Color: Clear
Cap Color: White
Liner Style: PTFE
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Supercell 5ML Glass Concentrate Jar 

Premium luxury child resistant CR glass concentrate jar for concentrates. The HIGHLOCK Supercell 5ML glass concentrate jar is a stylish functional storage container that hits all the key points for compliant child resistant or child proof packaging. High quality thick smooth food-grade glass to ensure your concentrates are secure and do not stick to the container. Additionally, the jar features a teflon style PTFE non-stick liner that keeps even the most sticky oils and waxes from sticking to the cap. This unique teflon style seal also creates a strong seal to the glass, which keeps smell and freshness locked inside the container. This novel dispensary container uses a cap that has dual lock function. The teflon style PTFE seal is the first defense with locking in freshness. The cap on the jar also creates a pressure seal against the glass that reduces odor and smell. This seal is unmatched compared to other glass concentrate jars available. A PE coated liner or seal is also available at the lowest wholesale rates! Missing something? Each 50 pack of glass comes on a tray for easy fill and processing! 

How does it work? Click here to watch a youtube video on how it functions. 

Supercell Functional 5ml Glass Concentrate Containers

Not enough? Here is the most important part. The 5ML supercell concentrate jar is functional packaging. What is functional packaging? HIGHLOCK introduced this container to reduce the waste caused by packaging. Functional packaging gives a packaging product a second life. The base of the HIGHLOCK Supercell 5ml concentrate container has a beautiful swirl design that can be used as a carb cap for your rig. YEP! Not only is the jar child resistant, dual locking for long term freshness, and the perfect on-the-go size, it also has a functional carb cap built into the base of the glass. Carb caps are a must for your banger and is a needed dab accessory. The unique flow path on the spiral design produces optimal air flow, retains heat and produces optimal vaporization. This container really is changing the dispensary packaging game! Upcycling with purpose is why we love this new concentrate container. Lastly, this container is 100% Recyclable. Please recycle! 

Product Specs:

  • Quantity: 50 pcs containers and caps
  • Glass Color: Clear or White
  • Cap Color: Black or White
  • Seal Style: Teflon style PTFE Liner or PE Coated
  • Opacity: Translucent or Opaque
  • Size: 5ML (1 to 2 grams)
  • Dimensions: Glass OD - 1.4"(diameter) x .8" (height)
  • Brand: HIGHLOCK
  • PatentsClick Here

As always, we offer the lowest wholesale bulk prices on our glass storage containers. Interested in customization? Need labels or boxes for glass 5ml concentrate jars? We have it all! Contact us for more information or use the links below:


  • Custom Labels - Cap Label (click here) Wrap Label (click here)
  • Custom Boxes - Contact us

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