The 109 - Press N Pull - Pre Roll Child Resistant Slider Box - CR Pre Roll Packaging

Pre Roll Slider Box - The Press N' Pull 109 MM

Our certified child resistant Press N' Pull has become the industry standard for high end vaporizer cartridges, small edibles, pre rolls and much more. Pre roll packaging was our goal to solve, but this product does that and more! CR pre roll boxes started with our Press N Pull slider box. Over the past year we have been working with our customers to create the perfect container to meet all their pre roll packaging needs. The new "109" Press N' Pull hits all the marks from the feedback we received. It has an overall larger footprint and can fit 109mm pre rolls.


The child resistant mechanism has been simplified and moved to the side, which creates the most cohesive feel. Additionally, a cut was created to help identify top from bottom when the customer opens the box (with simpler instructions that do not obstruct any labeling area). These two adjustments make the item more aesthetically pleasing, create more room for custom branding and provide a better experience for the end user. This is the most affordable solution to label your pre roll packaging. No need for an extra cardboard pre roll packaging cover. You can label directly on the container, which saves a lot of money and provides the most professional pre roll packaging solution.

The next feature we added was a more cohesive release on the mechanism to make this the best feeling CR pre roll box. Finally, we topped it off with smooth edges on all the sides and a honeycomb insert design to add rigidity. This unique honey comb design reduces the amount of material needed and still provides the same rigidity. This allows for less of a carbon footprint without sacrificing the strength of the container. The details are important. Another important note to add - our cr pre roll slider box is 100% recyclable. Not enough? We also increased the entire size of the box to allow for even the largest king size pre rolls, multi-packs and larger sized products.

CR Multi-Pack Pre Roll Packaging - Custom Labels

The Press N' Pull box line by Dragon Chewer is unique in every way. We manufacture the product in-house, which allows us to customize the product to extents no one else can. We print, label and engrave at our location. This dramatically reduces the cost of customizing our Press N' Pull, which makes it the most sought after pre roll packaging solution. The past 10 years of creating products for this industry has taught us what is important, how to produce high quality end products and how to always ensure the customer gets what they need on time. Multi-pack cr pre roll packaging solutions are hard to come by. If you're looking for a compliant solution cr pre roll packaging solution that checks off all the important marks - this is the solution.

We have officially launched this product. CR Pre Roll boxes are not all made the same. We will have unbeatable pricing, fast production and the item is ISO/CPSC certified child resistant. Want to learn more about CPSC requirements? Click Here. Drop us a line now to get your first order ready (samples available now). Ready to order now? 

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