Hemp Cart Card - Child Resistant Wholesale Cartridge Packaging

Vape Cartridge Packaging

The Hemp Cart Card is the child resistant vape cartridge packaging solution. Our child resistant vaporizer Cart Card is now available in a hemp composite material. Additionally, we utilize a hemp material mix to greatly reduce the carbon foot print of our Cart Card container. Hemp fibers are extremely strong and we are constantly pushing the boundaries to create more sustainable packaging solutions for the marijuana packaging industry. Eco-friendly vape cartridge packaging is nearly impossible to find. Child resistant cr vape packaging is impossible, till now. The introduction of the hemp Cart Card is an exciting step forward for us and the planet. Adding hemp, an organic material, is a huge step forward in the plastic reduction that plagues the compliant cr packaging world that is marijuana and cannabis packaging.

Childproof or Child Resistant?

Childproof vape packaging is a hot topic. Nothing is truly "child proof", but child resistant is the term we should be looking to solve. As outlined by current regulations, cannabis and marijuana packaging needs to be child resistant and meet the standards set by the CPSC (click here to learn more). Most vape cartridge tubes, custom vape boxes and other options are not child resistant or lack the real estate for custom labels. Our Cart Card is the solution for vape cartridge packaging.

The Cart Card is wholesale cartridge packaging that is also resealable child resistant. It has a unique locking mechanism that is counter intuitive at first, but the mechanism produces a strong method to keep the contents inside safe from children. Due to current label regulations, the container has a large flat area for branding, hang hole for displays and optional window to see the contents inside. Moreover, the container will perfectly cradle most .5ML & 1ML cartridges. Additionally, it fits our clear cartridge tubes perfectly to keep the cartridge very secure inside!

Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging

Interested in labeling this product? Wholesale cartridge packaging needs to be customized for your brand to make it truly professional. We have a die line available and can produce the labels for you with a very quick turnaround. Again, we designed this product as a marijuana packaging solution so label space was important. A wrap around label allows for a professional custom branding solution that will fit all your compliant text, universal symbols and brand identity. Let us help you step up your branding and packaging! Email us now sales@dragonchewer.com to get started.