Custom dispensary packaging child resistant bags pre roll tubes jars pop top containers pre roll boxes. Direct print, custom labels and printed.

Looking for the best custom dispensary packaging? Dragon Chewer has you covered. We offer the lowest wholesale prices on custom dispensary packaging bags, labels, containers, vials, tubes, bottles, jars and boxes. Our collection of unique child resistant packaging can be customized to meet your exact needs. Custom colors, custom labels, direct print and more! 

Custom 420 packaging does not need to be hard or expensive. Our premium solutions allow your brand to be compliant and unique. Below is a list of some of our custom solutions:

Custom Pre Roll Slider Box - The Press N Pull

This unique box is available in multiple sizes. It is perfect for pre rolls, concentrates and edibles. This item is CPSC certified child resistant and made in the USA.  The pre roll slider box is a unique slide our container that can fit multiple configurations of pre rolls. 

Customization options - We offer custom colors on the physical product, custom labels and custom direct print is available. Click here to shop our custom options. Click here to shop the physical product. 

Custom Pre Roll Packaging Tubes

Child resistant pre roll tubes are an affordable way to package multiple pre roll packaging options. We have a 116mm and 92mm size available. This covers the majority of the use cases. We also have glass tubes available for a premium or luxury pre roll packaging solution. 

Customization options - We offer custom labels and pad printing on our pre roll packaging tubes. Click here to shop our custom pre roll tube options. Click here to shop the physical wholesale tubes.

Custom Pre Roll Packaging Boxes - Pinch N Flip

Multi-pack pre roll packaging boxes are a great solution just like the Press N Pull. This wholesale option is great for large and small pre rolls. We have two sizes available. This custom pre roll packaging box is very sturdy and has a premium feel. 

Customization options - Custom labels are the best for this product line. Click here to shop our custom pre roll packaging box labels. Click here to shop the physical Pinch N Flip line. 

Custom Compliant Warning Labels

We have a huge selection of custom pre-printed compliant warning labels or stickers. Our labels have regulation information, strain information, universal symbols and more. Looking for free printable strain label downloads? We have a guide for that! Please click here.

Customization options - Our labels are pre-printed, but we do offer a huge collection of custom labels. We can also make a label to fit your exact needs. Click here to view all of our pre-printed labels. Click here to shop all of our custom label options that are product specific. 

Custom Dispensary Packaging Bags

Our company has always offered the lowest wholesale rates on our dispensary mylar style packaging bags. We have a huge color and size selection available. We have solutions for pre roll, syringe, 1 gram, 3.5 gram , 1/4 ounce , 1/2 ounce , 1 ounce , exit bags and even 1 pound bags! 

Customization options - Our designer mylar style bags are pre-printed and have complaint information on each bag. Click here to shop our designer mylar bag line. If you're looking for more customization, we have a custom label template for each size bag. This wholesale solution to custom dispensary packaging bags allows you to brand bags with a low MOQ. This is one of the most popular custom 420 packaging solutions. Click here to view our custom label options for bags. Click here for our wholesale bulk dispensary packaging bags. 

Custom Pop Top Containers

Not all pop top containers or bottles are made the same. Our pop top containers have a superior seal and are child resistant. We have the largest size collection of the best pop top containers. Our sizes are 6, 13, 19, 25, 30, 60, 90 and 160 Dram! Our 160 dram pop top container is the biggest size and only available at Dragon Chewer. 

Customization options - Pop top containers are made for custom labels. We have custom label templates available for all of our pop top containers or bottles. Need label application as well? We can help! Our wholesale custom pop top containers are one of the most popular solutions for custom dispensary packaging. Click here to shop our custom labels for pop top containers. Click here to shop our wholesale bulk collection of pop top containers. 

Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Box - Cart Card

Finding the right solution for vape 510 threaded cartridge packaging is hard. Our unique Cart Card is a child resistant box or container that holds .5 and 1 ml CCELL style cartridges. It has a nice flat area for custom labels or branding. It is also available in a more sustainable hemp mix material! 

Customization Options - We highly recommend custom labels for this custom vape cartridge box or container. You can use a wrap around label that offers a lot of branding space at an affordable cost. Please click here to view the custom labels. Please click here to shop our Cart Card collection. 

Wholesale Custom Packaging

Custom dispensary packaging is not something you want to purchase from Amazon. It is important you receive the correct label for each product. Additionally, or custom packaging solutions are made specifically for each item. Our team can help you find the best custom packaging solution for your exact project. Send us what you're trying to package and we will build out a solution for you. Unlike most other options, we will give you the white glove experience. Our team will create the most affordable wholesale solution for your packaging needs. 

Our HIGHLOCK line of compliant wholesale packaging containers and boxes uses a unique additive that accelerates biodegradation of the material. This more sustainable packaging option is an important factor your brand identity. These are important details that we can help you understand and incorporate in your packaging. 

Custom wholesale packaging is often overlooked our outsourced for many brands. We stress the importance of understanding how much packaging reflects on the brand, especially in competitive markets like cannabis. It is important your brand is saving money on packaging, having proper branding for customer retention / first time buys and also using compliant CPSC certified containers. 

Send us an email with any questions or your project. Our experienced team will help you find the perfect custom dispensary packaging solution to fit your needs. The five minutes to send the email may save you money and help you find the perfect custom packaging solution. What are you waiting for?