Clear 5ml Polystyrene Container w/ White Silicone Insert - (1,000 qty.)

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Wholesale 5ML Silicone Concentrate Containers

5ML concentrate containers or jars with silicone is a premium option for concentrate packaging. Parchment paper and envelopes do not do the product insides justice. Our 5ML concentrate jars have a strong seal that keeps odor and freshness inside the container. Skip the dried out shatter in parchment paper. Our plastic concentrate container with silicone insert is so affordable, it is basically the same as the envelope option. 

5ML Bulk Clear Concentrate Jars

Wax containers should be oversized. The 5ML is actually quite a big container for the contents that go inside. This is important to ensure the wax is easy to access with a dab tool and when filling up the silicone insert nothing adheres to the sides. We stand behind the 5ML Polystyrene with silicone. This is a tried and true concentrate packaging solution that is available at bulk discounted wholesale rates. 
  • Made of durable ultra clear polystyrene
  • Crystal clear to effectively show off your product
  • Tightly fitting screw-top lid seals in freshness
  • Includes a medical grade white silicone insert
  • 1,000 pcs per order or case

Display 1 gram of product in this stylish clear polystyrene plastic concentrate container, specifically designed to suit your cannabis product. Includes a tightly sealing screw top cap to maintain freshness, and a medical grade silicone insert for a user-friendly experience. The bright white silicone insert shows the color of the oils, wax, rosin and other concentrates off in the best way possible.

White Silicone Insert - Dab Storage Container

The silicone insert keeps product from sticking to the sides for the best user experience.

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