Translucent Green Child Resistant Rip N Shred Pop Top + Grinder (225 qty.)


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$0.17 per unit
$39.95 per case


The Rip N’ Shred by High Lock is a fully compliant certified child resistant container made specifically for the marijuana industry. Designed with the consumer in mind, it features multiple unique mechanisms to adhere to compliance, customer needs and is available at an affordable packaging price. The Rip N' Shred is the perfect custom marijuana packaging solution. After years of perfecting the storage container w/grinder concept, High Lock created the first product that features these two important attributes as a packaging product. The Rip N’ Shred storage container was not adopted from the pharmaceutical industry like pop top bottles or reversible cap vials. It’s made purely for our industry and proudly made right here in the USA.

The Rip N’ Shred has grinding teeth both inside and cap and under the container. The locking mechanism to ensure child safety compliance, uses the popular pop top squeeze to open cap concept. We believe this is a great simple mechanism for child safety, but it did not meet our personal rigid standards for strong consumer safety. We added an additional locking mechanism called the Latch Top, which is integrated into the container. You simply have to use a finger nail to pop up the latch prior to using the pop top mechanism to open the container. This added lock reduces the chances the container opens due to pressure (being dropped or stepped on) and greatly slows the process of a young child trying to unlock the container. Once they have opened the latch, they are usually convinced the container will open, but it does not.

To use the grinder portion of the container you simply rip off the hinge. The cap will now be free of the container. You can now place flower into the cap and bring it to the bottom of the container to use both teeth to grind the product. Once you’re done grinding you can reattach the cap to the top of the container. The Latch Top feature acts as a new hinge since the built in hinge has now been ripped. This is how the container got the name Rip N’ Shred. We have been the leader in storage containers with grinders for years. Our passion for the perfect grind is evident when you use our container. The consistency of flower needs a wide clean grind with sharp teeth to produce the highest quality ground flower. The Rip N’ Shred will do just that.

This variation of the Rip N’ Shred holds up to an eighth of flower perfectly. Due to the low cost, it’s often used for as low as one gram of flower and everything in between. It's the direct replacement for 19 dram pop tops vials and 30 dram pop top containers.

Due to this container having a built in grinder, it provides substantial consumer benefits over the other packaging containers available. It’s now a marketing and promotion tool for your business at a very affordable price. The goal was to create packaging product that would typically be a gift product for most businesses. Grinders are one of the top promotional tools for marijuana retail businesses. Now you have a promotional gift with each compliant container you use.

We understand the importance of branding and marketing. You need your brand stand out from the rest of the pack. The Rip N’ Shred was designed with that as a major focus point. It’s built around the idea of custom printing and custom labeling. The diameter of the container has a very small radius variance, which allows for superior labeling and printing. Also, we offer custom labeling and application directly from our manufacturing facility. This greatly reduces the cost of making this packaging product specific to your brand.

Product Specs:

      • Quantity: 225 bottles per order
      • Color: Green
      • Opacity - Translucent
      • Size: 25 Dram (3.5 grams or 1/8th Ounce)
      • 3.6" x 1.88" Inner Dimensions
      • Brand: HIGHLOCK
      • Made in the USA

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