Premium 84 MM Gold Pre Roll Packaging Box - Pinch N Flip (130 qty.)


Sale price$63.95


Our new packaging product is the Pinch N Flip premium pre roll packaging CR box. This container can hold up to 10 pre rolls. The rectangle interior is versatile for multiple pre roll configurations. Additionally, this product doubles as edible container. It's great for mints, gummies, small edibles and much more! The design is similar to a cig or cigarette box. This item is made right here in the USA. We can offer custom colors and fast delivery!

After releasing our popular CR pre roll slider box line, we received a lot of feedback. This feedback helped us design this affordable larger pre roll packaging option. We wanted something that would be simple and used for both the CBD/Hemp and cannabis/marijuana market. This pre roll packaging solution does it all at the lowest wholesale price. Our customers loved the rigidity of the Press N Pull, so that was an important factor in this product. Crushing pre rolls in mylar bags or pre roll cardboard/paper boxes is a huge issue right now. This container is very thick and strong. The premium aspect of this product is very apparent once you have one in your hand.

Sustainable biodegradable packaging is a top priority for our company and the entire cannabis packaging industry. Eco-friendly green packaging products are far too often not child resistant, which makes them unusable for marijuana packaging solutions. We set out to change all of this with our new enhanced biodegradable EcoPure® child resistant packaging line. EcoPure® material is now available for the Terrapaq HIGHLOCK line - Made in the USA - sustainable packaging products. Our new green material line is a huge push for sustainable packaging. EcoPure® provides enhanced biodegradation using an additive and is ASTM D-5511 certified.

84mm 84 Pre Roll Premium Snap Case Box Pre-roll Packaging Container Holder CR Child Resistant Joint template dimensions dragon chewer custom wholesale

Product Specs: 

  • Quantity: 130 containers per order
  • Opacity: Opaque
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 84mm
  • Brand: High Lock
  • MADE IN USA. 100% recyclable. Please recycle! 
  • Product comes CLOSED

Popular Combinations: 

  • (8) 84 mm Paper Cones (1 1/4) - Click here to shop
  • (8) Dog Walker (78mm) Pre-Roll Cones

Drop the 10 plastic pre roll tubes and try out this single container. Our wholesale prices are unmatched and this container is ready for labels and custom branding. Each order is for 130 pcs. This is enough for a whole pound of flower! Your top shelf product should be in a premium pre roll packaging container. Our team is devoted to offering the most professional custom pre roll packaging solutions available.

Since this is a brand new item, samples are available. Please just send us an email letting us know what you're looking for and your shipping address. We will send them FREE OF CHARGE asap.

This product is CPSC/ISO certified child resistant. Want to learn more about CPSC testing? Click here.

*DISCLAIMER - Regulation in California - currently prohibits the sale of plastic products and packaging that are labeled with terms ‘biodegradable’,’degradable,’ or ‘decomposable’ or any form of these terms. The law also prohibits its language that implies in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all of california, including sales over the internet. Our verbiage is for all states excluding California. Please contact us at if you’re a California customer and want to learn more.

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