Premium Glass Pre Roll Paper Tips - 2 Poke - 8 MM (100 qty.)


Sale price$32.95


Each retail display jar or container comes with 100 small glass 8mm 2 poke premium crystal clear glass tips. Elevate your pre roll papers with a high quality glass tip that is made in the USA! Glass tips elevate your rolling experience and are reusable. This item is perfect for FTP and are a great point of purchase product for your business.

  • Quantity per order: 100 Glass Tips
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Length: 30mm
  • Size: Small
  • Material: Premium Borocilicate Glass
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Glass
  • Brand: BIO Glass
  • Made in Los Angeles

Prevent finger burns  -- These glass tips will provide a better handle on your joint or blunt while keeping your fingers from getting singed. Your fingers will thank you!

Keep it sanitary and fresh -- Glass tips are very easy to clean. Also, nobody likes to hit a dampened joint or blunt that's already been passed around the room.

Nothing but pure smoke -- The two pokes in the 8mm BIO Glass Tips are effective in maintaining airflow and preventing debris from getting in your mouth.

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