Pre Roll Top Zipper CR Exit Mylar Bags Matte Black / Matte Black - 2.15" x 6"- Child Resistant - (1,000 qty.)

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Our premium top fill disposable zipper pre roll CR Child Resistant mylar bags are the most affordable solution for compliant packaging. Our top fill pre roll CR zipper bags are perfect for king size or large pre rolls. Mylar bags are the preferred solution for dispensary exit packaging. Our Caviar Locker premium CR exit bags have a superior seal and have a blank front and back. 

Our pre roll dispensary mylar bags serve a wide range of uses. Some examples - flower, edibles and pre rolls. Exit bags allow you to package any product inside to ensure it is now child resistant, often called child proof. Due to the tamper proofing design, they are also perfect for dabs, concentrates, wax and oil concentrates. Each mylar bag has a thick zipper to keep the product fresh! Each bag can be heat sealed at the top and is 4MIL thick. Bags are an affordable packaging solution that do not take up a lot of space. Mylar bag material matched with foil construction is what makes this product the best available solution for wholesale high quality packaging. The surface of the bag is perfect for custom labels or custom printing. Interested in customizing your bag? Send us an email to speak to an account manager today. 

Product Specs:

      • Quantity: 1,000 bags per order
      • Color: Matte Black / Matte Black
      • Tear Notches: Yes
      • Opacity: Opaque
      • Size: Pre Roll Vertical Zipper - 2.15" x 6" or 55mm x 154mm
      • Brand: Caviar Locker

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