Live Diamonds Rosin Applied Labels - Supercell 5ML Glass Concentrate Container - (10 qty.)

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Step up your packaging with the 5ML Supercell premium glass concentrate container with pre-printed custom labels applied! Each order comes with 10 containers & caps. Additionally, we will also add the  designer pre-printed Live Diamonds Rosin label and apply it on the cap for you! You will receive a fully ready to sell premium glass jar with custom applied labels or stickers! 

This listing is for clear glass with white lid. The Supercell is changing the concentrate packaging game!

How does it work? Click here to watch a youtube video on how it functions. 

Supercell Functional 5ml Glass Concentrate Containers

Not enough? Here is the most important part. The 5ML supercell concentrate jar is functional packaging. What is functional packaging? HIGHLOCK introduced this container to reduce the waste caused by packaging. Functional packaging gives a packaging product a second life. The base of the HIGHLOCK Supercell 5ml concentrate container has a beautiful swirl design that can be used as a carb cap for your rig. YEP! Not only is the jar child resistant, dual locking for long term freshness, and the perfect on-the-go size, it also has a functional carb cap built into the base of the glass. Carb caps are a must for your banger and is a needed dab accessory. The unique flow path on the spiral design produces optimal air flow, retains heat and produces optimal vaporization. This container really is changing the dispensary packaging game! Upcycling with purpose is why we love this new concentrate container. Lastly, this container is 100% Recyclable. Please recycle! 


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