Premium Printed Designer Child Resistant CoverLock Slider Box - (275 qty.)

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The premium custom child resistant CR CoverLock cartridge box you have always wanted! We are now offering this fully printed ready to sell packaging option at below wholesale price!

    Each order is for trays and printed designer paper sleeves together! You will receive 275 black trays and 275 printed sleeves with the artwork in the product images on this listing. *cartridge not included*

    The cart lock sleeve CoverLock slider box is far superior to pure plastic or pure paper options. We use an additive in our materials that accelerates biodegradation, so you're reducing the carbon foot print of your packaging with this unique combination. The rigid insert tray removes the need for foam and costly additional exit packaging. Additionally, it is a much better CR solution compared to pure paper. This is the container for CCELL style vape cartridges in multiple sizes (.25 .5 and 1 ML).

    The tray has hooks that hold the vape cartridge tightly in place! No more rattling around in a tube or having your logo on the cartridge face the wrong direction. 


      • Designed for .5ml / 1ml cartridges
      • OD Sleeve - 3.2" x 1.9"x.6"
      • MADE IN USA. 100% recyclable. Please recycle!
      • Child Resistant
      • EcoPure® Additive Material - Terrapaq HIGHLOCK sustainable line
      • Additive - ASTM D-5511 Certified / USDA Certified
      • Product Name - CoverLock


      *Empty vape cartridge packaging. This listing is just for the tray and printed sleeve.

      *DISCLAIMER - Regulation in California - currently prohibits the sale of plastic products and packaging that are labeled with terms ‘biodegradable’,’degradable,’ or ‘decomposable’ or any form of these terms. The law also prohibits its language that implies in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all of california, including sales over the internet. Our verbiage is for all states excluding California. Please contact us at if you’re a California customer and want to learn more. 


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