71mm Clear Glass Child Resistant Pre Roll Tubes - Black Cap - (20 qty.)


Sale price$10.95


Premium Small Glass Child Resistant Pre Roll Tubes

Our wholesale 71mm pre roll tubes are perfect for smaller pre roll papers or cones. This vial or container uses a child resistant black cap with liner. The 71 mm glass child resistant pre roll packaging tube is the premium luxury solution that will elevate your pre roll packaging. This high quality straight walled glass tube is affordable and provides the best option for branding and sustainability. 
  • 24x71mm
  • 20 tubes and CR caps per order

Our Pre-Roll ultra clear glass tubes have a straight wall and thick glass. Each tube comes with a child resistant cap that keeps the product fresh inside and is the perfect solution for pre roll packaging. The container has nearly zero taper, which makes it much better for custom labels and other branding solutions. 

Glass joint tubes or holders are a dispensary packaging solution that make your brand stand out in the display case. 

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