480 ML Amber Fluid Oval Liquid 16 Ounce Child Resistant Vials (50 qty.)


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480ML Fluid Oval Liquid Plastic Child Resistant Containers 

Our 16 ounce oz fluid oval plastic vials come with a child resistant white cap with opening instruction. Each vial comes in a plastic bag to ensure the contents stay clean. Additionally, our 480 ML fluid oval liquid vials adhere to pharmacy level quality control. Each container has markings for measurements on the back side. Our wholesale pharmacy style vials come in a huge selection of colors and sizes. 

Fluid Oval Foam Liner / Seal Cap

Our caps or lids also feature a foam insert on the cap to ensure the liquids do not leak. The cap uses a simple child resistant CR function "push down and turn", has ripped sides to help elderly open the item and is a compliant container or vial. 

Syrup or Liquid Bottles

Fluid oval liquid plastic bottles are great for syrups as well. The secure lid matched with the child resistant cap and tapered top makes this one of the best syrup vials or bottles. 

Product Specs:

  • Quantity: 50 pcs containers and caps
  • Vial Color: Amber
  • Cap Color: White
  • Seal Style: Child Resistant 
  • Opacity: Translucent
  • Size: 480ML or 16 Ounces oz
  • Dimensions: OD - 2.1" x 2.2" x 7"

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