4 Ounce Clear Glass Jar - Child Resistant White Smooth Cap - (100 qty.)


Sale price$71.95


4 Ounce oz Clear Glass Jars are not all made the same. These ultra clear child resistant CR child resistant containers are the perfect packaging solution for your dispensary needs. High quality glass oz jars matched with the lowest wholesale prices. 

• 4 Ounce Ultra Clear Glass
• Child Resistant CR Cap
• White Smooth Cap
• 100 - Caps and Jars per order

Brand - CRJars

Clear glass jars are the standard for premium flower packaging. This wholesale CR child resistant glass jar does not disappoint! The thick glass is smooth and flat, perfect for label application. Moreover, the unique CR cap ensures this packaging solution is child resistant. The cap is also smooth and has a matte finish, which is very aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for 3.5g or 3.5 grams of flower or more. 


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