30 Dram White Recycled Ocean Plastic Child Resistant Pop Top Containers (160 qty.)

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30 Dram white opaque child resistant Pop Top containers by HIGHLOCK are the highest quality bottles at the lowest wholesale prices. The utilization of ocean plastic is achievable by removing plastic waste from the ocean and surrounding areas and repurposes it into packaging. This makes for a far more sustainable packaging option compared to normal pure PP Pop Top jars. Between our Bio iQ accelerated biodegradation material additive and this new recycled ocean plastic mix, we are constantly pushing for more eco-friendly premium dispensary packaging supplies.

Our material has been audited for the OBP by the Control Union and is Ocean bound plastic certified! Ocean bound plastic certified! Certificate and number available upon request. Click here for our detailed information about ocean bound plastic. Utilizing our unique recycled ocean plastic produces a 50% reduction in normal PP per container. This is a huge step forward in making our popular compliant child resistant containers more eco-friendly. 

Skip the poor quality seals and flimsy pure plastic Pop Top containers. HIGHLOCK Pop Top vials or bottles have the best seal, huge color selection and the lowest wholesale rates. You can feel the quality of the seal with you squeeze the top and open the container. Airtight, smell proof & odor-resistant properties are strong claims made by many, but often not the reality. We take great pride with offering the best quality pop tops that are an improvement over the pure plastic alternatives and we believe our Pop Tops are the best on the market. These rigid pop top containers are made to be customized. Add custom labels, direct print, paper boxes and more to elevate your brand on the shelf. Join the movement and use a more sustainable packaging option today. 

Quantity price breaks available! Need custom design help? Need a custom shipping quote for a large order? Contact us now sales@dragonchewer.com. We also offer custom labels online for the 30 dram pop top line. 

Product Specs:

  • Quantity: 160 Pop Top Bottles per order

  • Size: 30 Dram / 2.7" x 1.9" Inner Dimensions

  • Brand: HIGHLOCK

  • Color: White

  • Material: Recycled Ocean Plastic

 30 Dram DR 3.5g 1/8 th gram CPSC child resistant pop top container dimensions size medium vial bottle packaging template wholesale

Recycled ocean plastic can be a good option for packaging for several reasons:

  1. Environmental Benefits: Using recycled ocean plastic reduces the amount of plastic waste in the ocean, which can have harmful impacts on marine life and ecosystems. It also reduces the need for new plastic to be produced, conserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint of plastic production.

  2. Customer Appeal: Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases, and using recycled ocean plastic can be a selling point for environmentally conscious customers.

  3. Branding: Companies that use recycled ocean plastic in their packaging can enhance their brand image by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  4. Durability: Recycled ocean plastic is durable and can be used to make strong and long-lasting packaging materials.

  5. Cost-Effective: Recycling ocean plastic into new packaging is still a cost-effective way to produce premium compliant packaging.

Reduce plastic waste in the ocean and promote sustainability by using recycled ocean plastic. By using this eco-friendly alternative, we can help protect marine life and ecosystems, conserve natural resources, and reduce our carbon footprint. Choose ocean plastic and make a positive impact on the environment today.

** Note - Due to the nature of using recycled ocean plastic, color may present specs of black as the material is recycled. Please be aware that each container may look slightly different. **

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