1/8th 3.5g 8th Madness Cali Caviar Red Designer Custom Printed Mylar Bags (1,000 qty.)

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1/8 Ounce Madness Cali Caviar Red Designer Custom Printed Mylar Barrier Bags

Custom designer mylar printed baggies are the premium packaging solution. This 1,000 pack of 3.5 g bags features a unique design that will impress your customers. Our high quality wholesale customized bags are 4MIL, resealable, heat sealable (smell proof) and feature a tight locking zipper. Skip the labels and use the most professional dispensary packaging option around - custom designer barrier bags by Dragon Chewer.

The quality of this 1/8th ounce 3.5g designer custom printed mylar bag will exceed your expectations. Our fresh eighth bag designs are packed with foils, unique color combinations, matte and gloss finishes, and even metallic colors. This exotic design pops and gets attention in all the right ways. Our pouch or "gusset" bottom gives you the ability to stand the bag up straight and keep your contents from being crushed. Gusset barrier mylar bags should always be used for flower to ensure the contents are not harmed. Not all smell proof or air tight barrier bags are made the same. We utilize a very high quality zipper paired with ample space for heat seal. This allows the contents to stay fresh in long-term storage and ensure the airtight properties stay airtight.

Each bag can be heat sealed at the top, has easy tear notches, and is 4MIL. Bags are an affordable packaging solution that do not take up a lot of space.

  • Quantity: 1,000 baggies per order
  • Details: Space for strain, net weight and strain name text areas
  • Bag Color: Reefer madness black / red  
  • Specifications: 4MIL bag, pouch or gusset bottom, resealable zipper and heat seal top
  • Size: 1/8 Ounce – 3.62″x5″x1.5″

Looking for a professional and custom packaging solution for your 1/8th ounce (3.5g) products? Look no further than Dragon Chewer's "Cali Caviar Madness" designer custom printed mylar bags.

These high-quality mylar bags are made from durable, puncture-resistant polyester film and feature an inner layer of aluminum foil to provide additional protection against odor and moisture. The airtight seal ensures that your products stay fresh and well-protected, while the sleek "Cali Caviar Madness" designer pattern adds a professional and eye-catching touch.

Each bag is fully customizable with premium graphics, logos, or text, making it easy to showcase your brand and create a unique and memorable packaging solution for your products. Sold in quantities of 100, these mylar bags are a cost-effective and convenient choice for small businesses, dispensaries, and more.

Don't settle for generic, subpar packaging – upgrade to Dragon Chewer's "Cali Caviar Madness" designer custom printed mylar bags and take your branding and packaging to the next level. Order now and see why Dragon Chewer is the go-to choice for top-quality, customizable mylar bags.

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