1/4th Ounce Rx Generic Designer Custom Printed Mylar Bags (1,000 qty.)


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1/4th Ounce Quarter Ounce Generic Designer Custom Printed Mylar Smell Proof Baggies

Custom printed resealable mylar bags are the most sought after solution for marijuana and cannabis packaging. Our custom printed designer bags are available right here in Lancaster, CA (close to Los Angeles). We ship quickly and only offer the highest quality products. Our custom dispensary mylar bags are pre-printed with all the compliant information and space to input strain, strain name and net weight. This wholesale line of designer bags is priced far below the rest of the market. Skip the labels and use the most professional weed packaging option around - custom designer barrier bags by Dragon Chewer.

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8th 3.5 g custom design designer 1/8 ounce smell proof mylar bag dispensary packaging custom customized print printed caviar locker dragon chewer bulk wholesale cheap

The quality of this 1/4 th generic designer custom printed mylar bag will exceed your expectations. Our fresh design has gold metallic (Rx symbol, and pouch), matte black backing and gloss black all over leaf print. This exotic design pops and gets attention in all the right ways. Not all smell proof barrier bags are made the same. We utilize a very high quality zipper paired with ample space for heat seal. This allows the contents to stay fresh in long-term storage and ensure the airtight properties stay airtight.

Each bag can be heat sealed at the top, has easy tear notches, and is 4MIL. Bags are an affordable packaging solution that do not take up a lot of space.


  • 1,000 Pack - 1/4th Ounce generic custom designer printed mylar bags per order
  • Strain, net weight and strain name text areas
  • High quality print, metallic gold symbols and gloss black overlays
  • Bag Color: Black
  • 4MIL bag, pouch or gusset bottom, zipper and heat seal top

The benefits of Mylar custom printed baggies: 

  • Mylar bags are made from a highly durable, puncture-resistant polyester film that provides a barrier against moisture, air, and other contaminants. This helps to prevent odors from escaping the bag and keeps products smelling fresh.

  • The inner layer of mylar bags is often made from aluminum foil or another metalized film, which provides an additional layer of protection against odor and helps to maintain the freshness of the product.

  • Mylar bags are often designed with airtight seals, such as resealable zippers or heat-sealed closures, which further prevent odors from escaping and keep products fresh.

  • Mylar bags can be customized with a variety of design elements, including graphics, text, and labels, which can help to identify the product and brand while keeping the contents of the bag hidden.

  • Mylar bags are available in a range of sizes and shapes, making them a versatile choice for packaging a wide variety of products, including food, herbs, supplements, and more.

  • Mylar bags are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging, as they can be recycled and are often made with eco-friendly materials.

Overall, mylar bags offer a combination of durability, airtightness, and customizability that makes them an excellent choice for smell-proof packaging. Whether you're packaging food, herbs, supplements, or other products, a mylar bag can help keep your products fresh and your customers satisfied.

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