1/4 Ounce Gloss Holographic & Clear Designer Custom Mylar Bags + Labels (100 qty.)


Label Type: Generic
Sale price$26.95


Designer labels matched with our high quality mylar foil bags are the most affordable professional solution for marijuana or cannabis packaging. Each custom label is pre-printed with all the compliant information and we added space to input strain, strain name and net weight. Give our wholesale designer labels a try. The quality in person will blow you away. 

Our fresh design has gold metallic (Rx symbol and leaves) , matte black backing and all over leaf print. This exotic design pops and gets attention in all the right ways. Our barrier bags are made for the highest quality flower to ensure the contents stay fresh. Not all smell proof barrier bags are made the same. We utilize a very high quality zipper paired with ample interior space and a large heat seal area. This allows the contents to stay fresh long-term and ensure the airtight properties stay airtight.

Each bag can be heat sealed at the top, has easy tear notches, and is 4MIL thick. Bags are an affordable packaging solution that do not take up a lot of space.

Product Specs:

  • Quantity: 100 generic custom designer printed labels + mylar bags per order
  • Label Information: Strain, net weight and strain name text areas
  • Label: High quality print, metallic gold symbols and matte black back
  • Bag Color: Gloss Holographic / Clear
  • Opacity: Translucent
  • Size: 7 Grams - 4″x6.5″x1.78″
  • Brand: Caviar Locker

Easy size guide: 

    • Pre-Roll – 6″x2.7″
    • 1 Gram – 3″x4.5″
    • 1/8 Ounce – 3.62″x5″x1.5″
    • 1/4 Ounce – 4″x6.5″x1.78″
    • 1/2 Ounce – 5″x8.14″x2.33″
    • 1 Ounce – 6″x9.25″x2.33″

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