2 Ounce Clear Premium Glass Jar - Black Twist Cap - (20 qty.)

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Premium 2 Ounce oz Ultra Clear Glass Jars at the lowest wholesale prices! These clear glass containers are the perfect packaging solution for your dispensary needs. High quality glass jars matched with the lowest wholesale prices. You can use them as a dispensary display jar they are so nice. 

• 2 Ounce oz Ultra Clear Glass
• Black Cap
• 20 - Caps and Jars per order

Clear glass jars are the standard for premium flower packaging. Looking for smell proof glass jars? Our glass jars have a tight seal and a liner to ensure odors do not leak out and the product stays fresh inside. Skip the cheap glass stash jars and get the premium glass containers at the same price. This wholesale glass jar does not disappoint! The thick glass is smooth and flat, which is perfect for label application.  Straight wall glass is made for labels, so if you're interested in custom labels and application, please contact us sales@dragonchewer.com Perfect for 3.5g or 3.5 grams of contents or less. The two oz jar is the perfect eighth ounce container for your premium brand. 

Dragon Chewer provides customization for glass containers or jars with labels and custom application. Please visit our custom packaging page for our high quality custom labels, templates and additional information. 

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